17 Jul 2021 11:42 AM +00:00

Earn GTA Online Rewards For Los Santos Tuners This Weekend

We're all incredibly excited for the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners even which starts soon, but how about the chance to earn some freebies before the event even begins?

Well, if you jump into GTA Online this weekend, there's the chance to earn some exclusive rewards ahead of the Los Santos Tuners release next week.

How To Earn Los Santos Tuners Rewards In GTA Online

GTA Online is giving players the chance to earn free rewards ahead of the release of Los Santos Tuners next week.

You can earn some rewards just by logging into GTA Online this weekend, but the big reward on offer is a Los Santos Tour Jacket which has a specific requirement to meet.

To earn the Los Santos Tour Jacket, you simply have to participate in an Impromptu Race at some point over the weekend in GTA Online.

How To Participate In An Impromptu Race In GTA Online

To set up an Impromptu Race in GTA Online you first need to bring up your interaction menu, this can be done by;

  • Holding M on PC
  • A long press on the touchpad on PS4
  • Holding the view button on Xbox

Once the interaction menu pops up, scroll down to Impromptu Race and proceed. From here you will have to select the destination for the race from a pre-selected set of destinations based on where you are on the map at that moment in time.

You can then set the best for the race if you wish to put some money on the line, and then invite your friends or other lobby players to race. Once you have at least two players who have accepted, you can hit 'Start' to begin the Impromptu Race.

The above video from DdiVine1 on YouTube shows you how it should look in the game.

Unlike other races, you do not have to follow checkpoints and also start the race in whatever vehicle you were currently driving when you accepted the invite. Theoretically, you could have an old banger going up against a supercar due to the nature of these races.