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How To Find All Exotic Export Vehicles In GTA Online (Los Santos Tuners)

The Los Santos Tuners update has played a large part in GTA Online's continued success and part of that is the content it offers all players, solo and grouped, the biggest thing for solo players being the Exotic Exports list.

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This list of ten vehicles are placed strategically around the map of GTA Online and you must track each one down daily for cash rewards. The Exotic Exports list can only be accessed once you own an auto shop, so please bear this in mind.

How To Find The Exotic Exports List

The Exotic Exports list can be found in your player-owned auto shop. Typically it's up on the first floor not far away from the main job board. Not only do you need to own an auto shop, but you must have completed the first contact job as well before it unlocks.


It is presented as a list of ten cards scribbled on a chalkboard, and this list will be automatically ticked off as you find and deliver the cars.

Exotic Exports Car Locations

Once you've had a look at the list you can head out into the world to try and find the cars. You're probably already aware this is a little like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, we have a few tricks and tips to help you out.

First, when it comes to the location of the Exotic Exports list, there are only 100 possible locations for the cars to spawn, which may seem a lot, but it narrows things down quite a bit.


From what we understand having played around with it a little, the cars only spawn in the locations as you get near them, they are not all spawned on the map at the same time. So you're better off hitting dense areas first to look for the cars.

You can find the map of all of the locations over at GTAWEB which is an incredible resource for all things GTA Online.

How To Deliver An Exotic Export Car

When you track down an Exotic Export car, it will appear as a small blue dot on your map. You can jump straight in and it will prompt you to deliver it to the docks. This will not be auto navigated on your minimap, but you can just head to the yellow anchor that appears on your map.


Once you arrive at the docks, but drive into the designated space and a small cutscene plays of the car being taken away.

For your first 9 Exotic Exports delivered each day you receive $20,000 and $120,000 for the 10th and final one each day. This means you earn a total of $300,000 from the Exotic Exports list each day if completed.

The below video from Vainglorious Gaming shows how they go about collecting the vehicles and the estimated time it takes to collect all 10.