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How to reduce GTA Online loading times

Loading times are the bane of a gamers life.

Despite super fast hard drives such as NVME drives being very affordable, some game just take a long time to load, and GTA Online is definitely one of them.

But, here is how to speed it up by up to 70%.

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How To Speed Up GTA Online Load Times

A modder called tostercx has uploaded some new code to GitHub which is said to increase the GTA load times by up to 70%.

The process is incredibly long, so we will just leave a link here for you to check out and go through yourself.

TEDIOUS: Launching GTA 5 can be a very slow process.
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TEDIOUS: Launching GTA 5 can be a very slow process.

tostercx experienced a six-minute load time when trying to launch GTA Online, putting it down to bad coding, as well as a 10MB JSON file that contains 63,000 lines of code that is repeated each time an item is found.


They estimate that there are approximately 1,984,531,500 checks made before the game launches.

Once completed, tostercx was able to get their load time down to just 1:50, still a long time but a lot faster than the six-minutes it was previously taking.

If one modder can improve the game's performance that much, it does make you question why Rockstar couldn't just do this themselves.

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