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GTA Online: How to make money from 2 April Weekly Update

As eagle-eyed fans of GTA Online may already be aware Rockstar really upped their game recently with a great new update that allows players to earn way more cash than usual on a series of missions.

These missions are as followed: The Arena War Series, the Sawmill and La Fuente Blanca Time Trials, and all Simeon Premium Deluxe Repo Work Missions.

These bonus payouts will remain until the next update arrives on Thursday, 9 April 2020.

Here is a quick guide on how best to get the most cash out of the Arena War Series and the Simeon Premium Deluxe work missions whilst you can.


The Arena War Series

The Arena War series is currently offering triple rewards to all those who take on this classic mission from 2018.

A great benefit of The Arena War series missions is that they can be completed relatively quickly, making it a no-brainer for those on the hunt for extra cash.

Arena War Series poster
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A CLASSIC: This mission is endless fun and with triple the rewards it's hard to resist.


For those unfamiliar with The Arena War Series, the rules are pretty simple.

Contestants do battle using nine different variations of automotive combat in an assortment of epic vehicles, earning arena points along the way.

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With these points you can then customise the vehicles to your heart's desire.

The best way to earn the cash is to make sure your vehicle is the best it can possibly be - it's worth upgrading the engine and other components to propel yourself to victory.


But be careful not to go overboard and spend too much altering your vehicle, otherwise you won't make any profit.

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Although those who are just starting off on this brutal mission can get a 50% discount on the Arena workshop to maximise those profits.

Those players who beat par time will be duly rewarded with triple rewards, just get yourself in the purple Corona and set a waypoint on your in-game map to get started.

Simeon Premium Deluxe Repo Work Missions

These deluxe repo missions are another easy set of missions making it well worth a go to get some extra cash.

These missions are offering double rewards currently, but you'd better get there fast.


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You can take on Simeon's assignments by going to his dealership and accept them via your iFruit or simply browsing the Missions list in the Jobs menu.

There are eight missions in total and all of them are relatively easy in the grand scale of GTA Online, so gaining the double rewards should be an easy feat.

The main objective of most of the missions is to steal or destroy various vehicles often guarded by people you will need to take out.

A handy element at your advantage is the ability to have up to three other players assisting you which makes it a lot easier to accomplish the missions and gain the cash.

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