GTA Online Heist Challenge Completed! New Vehicle, Release Date, Latest News & more

Alongside last week's GTA Online update, Rockstar unveiled a brand new community challenge - the Heist challenge.

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Rockstar set a huge target for the GTA Online community to hit and they've utterly obliterated it!

The Heist Challenge

Rockstar had explained that "to help get ready for the upcoming release of the next evolution in Heist gameplay, the GTA Online community has the chance to take down a special kind of score."

GTA Online Heist Challenge
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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: Rockstar set a community challenge for GTA Online

This, of course, references the upcoming Winter Update which Rockstar dropped a teaser trailer for recently.

Essentially Rockstar challenged GTA Online players to collectively steal GTA$100 Billion through any Heist Finale, over a seven day period.

Heist Challenge Rewards

If the community hit the target by 18 November, then rockstar would reward the entire community with a special new vehicle!

GTA Online heist rewards
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REAP THE REWARDS: Rockstar will reward players with a special vehicle

In addition, anyone who participated in the challenge will receive a 'special badge of honour for their efforts'.

GTA Online Community Obliterate Challenge

Rockstar has now confirmed that the GTA Online community has smashed the challenge target of GTA$100 Billion, stealing over GTA$1 Trillion through heists over the seven days!

GTA Online The Heist Challenge completed
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NO MATCH: The GTA Online community smashed the challenge!

That means absolutely every GTA Online player will receive a special vehicle, redeemable for a limited time this December.

As mentioned this is all in aid of the new heists arriving in the upcoming Winter Update - find out more about the new update here.