GTA Online Halloween Event: How to trigger the Slasher freemode event

Rockstar Games hasn't announced the start of GTA Online's Halloween Surprise event just yet, but there are some surprises to be found in GTA Online this Halloween season. Following the latest update, a new Slasher freemode event can be triggered in GTA Online and we're here to tell you how that works.

How to trigger the Slasher in GTA Online

Firstly, it's important to note that the Slasher is only going to appear in GTA Online between 21:00 and 05:00. As far as we're aware, this is in-game time though. So... It isn't all bad.

Much like the Phantom Car, the Slasher chooses a random player in your GTA Online lobby to follow and attack. If you're playing solo, you can still encounter the Slasher freemode event but you need to be in a Slasher zone.

At the moment, we don't know exactly where these Slasher zones are, but there's going to be eight in total: Four Psycho Slasher zones, two Driver Slasher zones, one Sack Slasher zone, and one Clown Slasher zone. We will endeavour to provide an updated map when it is available.


If you're driving one of the following vehicles, you will be excluded from the Slasher freemode event in GTA Online - mainly because the Slasher needs to be able to hunt you down to be triggered.

  • Any Planes
  • Any Helicopters
  • Any Boats
  • Any Amphibious Vehicles
  • Oppressor Mk1
  • Oppressor Mk2
  • Deluxo

In addition to this, there's a 15-minute cooldown for the Slasher freemode event. This means you might get lucky and experience the Slasher freemode event in GTA Online even if you're not the first choice victim.

GTA Online's Halloween Surprise event is expected to officially launch on October 28th, so keep an eye on Rockstar Games for more information about the spooks that are on the way.