23 Jul 2021 3:54 PM +00:00

GTA Online Celebrates Success of Los Santos Tuners With Free GTA$ For All Players

GTA Online released its highly anticipated summer update this week in the form of Los Santos Tuners. The update was always going to be a hit, but even Rockstar was taken aback by the reception.

Now, they're rewarding players who play the game as a way of saying thank you.

Free GTA$ For All GTA Online Players

Rockstar has announced that Los Santos Tuners was the most successful launch in the history of GTA Online. That's not something to take lightly given how long the game has been about either.

Clearly, players turned out in great numbers since Tuesday and despite this, Rockstar has to be commended for how their servers held up during the launch. No widespread issues were reported, not even with just logging in.


As a way of giving back to the players who supported the game through the launch of Los Santos Tuners, and the wider GTA Online game in general, Rockstar is putting $250,000 into everyone's bank account.

Before you ask, no, not your real-life bank account, your GTA Online one. This is no small token though as anyone who has had to endure the grind for cash in GTA Online knows, some high-end multi-stage missions pay out way less than this.

Be sure to invest your money wisely in some completely legal business ventures or just blow it at the nearest strip club. It's your money, after all, we can't tell you how to spend it.


If you're looking for any help with the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update, we have guides on some of the most common issues. You can find our guide on how to find the LS Car Meet here. If you're looking for the fastest cars in the update you'll find that here.

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