GTA Online: Get free money quickly and easily!

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Cash is king, even in online gaming. This week Rockstar Games, the developer for Grand Theft Auto, have given their fans another chance to boost their in-game bank accounts.

There has always been a game of cat and mouse between players and the developers, with the former finding new glitches to try and get free cash to then buy in-game goodies.

But Rockstar have responded by taking control of a legitimate way for players to earn this cold, hard cash.


How? Keep reading to find out.

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How to get free cash in GTA Online

Just log in.

Yes, it really is that simple.

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Rockstar have had a record-breaking year in 2019 and wants to thank their loyal following with celebrations. They have already given GTA$1,000,000 in-game for anyone that logged in last week.


Don't miss out on the 2nd payment.

Log in before February 12th and you will automatically earn yourself GTA$1,000,000 in your Maze bank account in-game.

Be patient though, it can take 72 hours for the game to process this and you will get an in-game notification to let you know it's been deposited.

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In a blog post, Rockstar thanked the "entire community" for 'another record-breaking holiday season".

Hopefully, more developers learn from this and build bonds with their audience that creates a two-way system of communication and reward.

rockstar's thank you to fans
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APPRECIATIVE: It's good to see developers build bonds with fans

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