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Grand Theft Auto

06 Apr 2020

GTA Online: Alien Survival Series and Peyote Plants return

GTA Online: Alien Survival Series and Peyote Plants

For those with the urge to play as an alien or sasquatch, Rockstar has you covered.

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Alien Survival Series

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Peyote Plants

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GTA is no stranger to temporary game modes and content for online play.

One of its most popular modes, the Halloween event Alien Survival Series, is back through April 13th. And along with it comes the return of the always hilarious peyote plant.

Let's go over what this all means for GTA online.

Alien Survival Series

The Alien Survival Series is a game mode in GTA V Online where you play as an alien and defend against enemy waves of regular people.

Each wave takes the player to a new map for a new challenge, featuring different alien weaponry to destroy the humans.

The game mode also features unique background music to get you into the right headspace.

Peyote Plants

If you thought playing as an alien to massacre waves of humans in GTA V would be the weirdest addition this weak, you'd be wrong.

Along with the Alien Survival Series, Rockstar is bringing peyote plants back to GTA Online. The peyote plant is a desert cactus with psychoactive properties. GTA demonstrates this for the player by turning them into an animal on use. Yes, you read that right.

Previously peyote plants were scattered out to 76 different locations, each turning the player into one of many different animals. This list of animals includes pugs, chickens, whales, and even Sasquatches.

For more information on peyote plants and how to use them in GTA Online, read up on it here.

The player can stay in this hallucination until they choose to leave it.


Rockstar loves to give the people what they want. And of course then take it away for a long time.

Fans have a love hate relationship with temporary content releases like these for GTA Online. It means players are excited when these popular features return, but are annoyed to see them go.

This time around Rockstar will offer the Alien Survival Series and Peyote Plants at least until April 13th.

It may be temporary, but it's something fun to do during social distancing for coronavirus.