Has a GTA 6 tease been found in Red Dead Redemption 2?

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It's no secret that the game worlds of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption are connected in some way, but what could be surprising is if we've seen GTA 6 teased through a clue found in Red Dead Redemption 2.

What could the clue be hinting at and is it even a clue for GTA 6, or are we just so heavily anticipating the game that we're seeing clues everywhere and anywhere!

Subtle but effective

The clue in question was found by YouTuber StrangeMan who focuses heavily on Rockstar titles and has a history of tracking down such clues.

GTA 6 Clue in Red Dead Redemption
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This time, the GTA 6 clue in question can be found on a corpse out in the Jesuit Missionary. On this corpse is a letter written to the now-deceased character, Rodolfo.

The letter sets the scene that Rodolfo, a man of God, hears his name being called from the East while the letter, from Cardinal Blanco, tries to convince Rodolfo to stay put. It appears this request was ignored given the state we find Rodolfo in.

More than meets the eye

Strange Man proposes that the characters in question are a representation of the Houser brothers Dan (who no longer works at Rockstar) and Sam. They then go on to break down the letter in great detail to explain how it's all one big inside joke about the state of GTA 5 and the upcoming GTA 6.


In short, it's suggested that Dan Houser was proposing to keep GTA 6 at bay and continue work on GTA 5, set in Los Santos (a fictional California, on the West coast of America) whereas Sam wanted to push on and create GTA 6 which will likely be set in a fictional Miami (East coast).

This letter details the struggle with each other and the publisher in Take-Two Interactive. Maybe the letter is also a more precise hint towards the reasoning behind Dan Houser's departure from Rockstar.