GTA 6 Reveal could be set for this fall

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The only thing we know for sure about Rockstar Games is that we probably have no idea of what they have planned for GTA 6. They're the masters of secret-keeping and we very rarely learn any solid information about their major titles unless they want us to know.

That being said, despite their ability to keep fans in the dark, it can't be denied that they are creatures of habit. Given how the lead up to two previous games played out, we're fairly sure we have an idea of when the GTA 6 official reveal might take place.


GTA 6 reveal due this fall?

When we look at how the reveals worked out for both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, we believe that GTA 6 will start its official hype campaign sometime this fall.

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November 2011 was when Grand Theft Auto 5 debuted and October 2011 was when we first saw Red Dead Redemption 2. These were the last two major releases from Rockstar Games and we expect that whatever is planned for the reveal of GTA 6, it should follow a similar schedule to these two games.


Of course, they may choose to completely surprise us with a summer reveal, it may come down to circumstances beyond their control such as the readiness of the game. If there is one thing we know Rockstar will not do, it's show off a game long before it's close to presentable.

There have been plenty of rumours that suggest GTA 6 might not release until 2024 and that a reveal this year is too soon. Once again, we turn to GTA 5 which was revealed in late-2011 and released in late-2013. This shows that Rockstar have no issue with a near two-year window between reveal and release.