16 Oct 2020 12:29 PM +00:00 UTC

GTA 6 Map Leak: Could new evidence prove these leaks are real?

The latest GTA 6 map leaks are claimed to be verified following some digging by Reddit users.

Although rumours surrounding the game have been flying since the launch of GTA 5 in 2013 and most have been firmly debunked, these latest rumours could have a small grain of accuracy somewhere.

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Let’s take a look at what these rumours include, and what they could mean for the future of the game.


What are the leaks?

The original map leak comes from 2018 and appears to show snippets of the new GTA 6 map.

The tweet, which contains the hashtags #ViceCity and #GTAVI, features two links to two separate imgur URLs.

GTA 6 Map Leak 2
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REAL OR FAKE? The leaks suggest a much larger map for the new game

These images show a close-up of a portion of the map, with 1985, the twitter users handle, at the bottom.


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The second link shows another image, this time with a zoomed-out profile, showcasing the wider map as a whole.

How have they been verified?

A reddit user has done some digging surrounding the twitter profile involved in the original leak.

It appears that the profile follows one account, @VG_Marketing, perhaps suggesting the two accounts are in fact run by the same individual.

GTA 6 map leak 1
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THE REAL DEAL? The original leak contains 2 images

Scroll back through @VG_Marketing’s tweets and you’ll see one from 2015, which features the Take Two Interactive logo, the company that owns Rockstar.


It's a very tenuous connection but suggests that the individual did work at a Rockstar related company.

That seems to be enough for fans to take as confirmation, but we are a bit more skeptical.

What we think

Until we get a Rockstar or Take Two Interactive confirmation, we can’t be sure if these leaks are real or not.

The evidence pointing to this being the real deal is pretty thin.

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With Rockstar Games recently acquiring Ruffian Games, it seems Rockstar is certainly working on something, but who knows what they're up to!