04 Jun 2021 5:14 PM +00:00

Cryptocurrency could be coming to GTA 6

Cryptocurrency has become the talk of the town in recent months, with Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency gaining incredible attention in a short period of time.

The market is currently experiencing a dip, but it is safe to say that cryptocurrency is going to be around for a long time.

Now, leaks suggest that it could be implemented into GTA 6.

Finger On The Pulse

Trusted leaker Tom Henderson recently revealed on Twitter that he heard from a source that GTA 6 will feature cryptocurrency as a form of in-game currency, with it being used by "higher up characters that needs to transfer high amounts of untraceable cash and fast."

"I heard recently that in GTA 6, some missions will reward you in bitcoin instead of cash for completing some missions. The stock market feature will return, with the addition of a broker for different cryptocurrencies. If GTA 6 incorporates this right, it's huge for crypto.
Just so there's no confusion, I mean in-game payments of bitcoin. These payments will come from the more higher up characters that needs to transfer high amounts of "untraceable cash and fast".
Just so there's even less confusion - I'm not joking. This is what I heard from someone that I trust and it will likely not be called "Bitcoin" per say - But it will be a cryptocurrency."

This would make sense as cryptocurrency has boomed in popularity in recent years and has hit the mainstream in terms of knowledge and popularity.

Rockstar always seem to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to their games referencing current trends.

GTA V saw the addition of the stock market, which is rumoured to be returning, as well as many jokes and references to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, with GTA V being released during the Facebok boom and and Zuckerberg becoming a known personality.

So, we can expect to see current trends appear in GTA 6, which will likely include cryptocurrency.


What Effect Will This Have On Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, with a single tweet or negative news articles having drastic consequences, as we've seen in recent weeks with the likes of Elon Musk causing the market to dip after his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Being acknowledged by such a large entity such as GTA, after all GTA V sold over 140 million copies, could have a very positive impact on legitimizing cryptocurrency to the mainstream audience.

We're far from experts in the field, but it stands to reason that its inclusion could also have a detrimental effect as it appears that crypto will be used by the criminal underworld to transfer large amounts of money due to it being untraceable.

So, giving the impression that crypto is used by criminals could turn off some people and cause the market to crash, in theory. Of course, we have no way of knowing what would actually happen.

Only time will tell, and this is all rumours for now, but if cryptocurrency is included in GTA 6, we could see some real world consequences.

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