This is what we want to see from GTA 6

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GTA 6 is likely a few years away yet, the game hasn't even been officially announced by Rockstar.

But, that just means that Rockstar has even more time to create the masterpiece we all know they will.

GTA V was first released back in 2013 on Xbox 360 and PS3 and a lot has changed both in the world and in terms of hardware since then, which opens up a lot of possibilities for what we might see in the next GTA game.

Here are some things that the GTA community are hoping to see when GTA 6 finally launches.


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Gang Warfare

Gangs have always played a role in GTA games, but to a lesser extent in GTA V.

While they were in the latest entry, they didn't really do much outside of missions.

GTA Online gang key art
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TURF WARS: GTA 6 could see the return of turf wars

Whereas in earlier titles, such as the PS2 trilogy, gangs played a larger role and would sometimes make certain areas very dangerous to go in depending on where you are in the story.

If in the story you've done something bad to a gang, you best not go into their territory because they will be gunning for you.

Gangs such as the Yakuza, Triads and Mafia would be welcomed, as well as the motorcycle clubs, Angels of Death and Lost.

It is currently rumoured that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, although this is unconfirmed, which means there are plenty of possible gangs and crime families to base them off, such as the Outlaws and Warlocks motorcycle clubs and various Mafia organizations and crime families.

Enterable Buildings

Despite GTA games being set on a large map, very little of it is actually accessible.

Apart from mission-specific areas, the main characters homes, and a few shops, the majority of any GTA map is nothing more than empty buildings.

GTA Online Heists Key Art
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REALISM: More enterable buildings would add a sense of realism

With the advancements in technology and games virtually having no limits when it comes to size, there is a lot of possibilities to include more enterable buildings.

There is an issue of the fact most people will never enter them, which would make them pointless.

But it would be so much fun to be on the run from the police and flee into a store and try and escape out of the back without being seen.

It would add a lot of realism to the game and could create some interesting scenarios.

Rockstar could also allow players to enter random NPCs homes and interact with them, including committing crimes such as robbery.

Weapon Storage

When it comes to weapons, most video games aren't the most realistic.

GTA allows players to carry pistols, SMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocker launcher and more all on their person with none being visible to the player.

It isn't very realistic to pull a rocket launcher out of the character's back pocket.


GTA Online rocket launcher
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UNREALISTIC: Where did he pull that gun from?

However, Red Dead Redemption 2, the latest game from Rockstar, added a much-needed sense of realism by having players only be able to carry a select amount of weapons on them, while leaving the rest of them in storage or with their horse.

This could be extended to GTA, allowing for a pistol or SMG to be holstered, then perhaps one or two weapons to be carried on their back.

It would also make things more strategic as players need to decide which weapons will be most valuable during a mission, also adding more replay value as players could try different combinations.

Speaking of leaving weapons with a vehicle.

Fuel System, Functional Trunk, Turn Signals & Tire Change

It is about time that we see more functional vehicles in Grand Theft Auto.

Rockstar could implement the weapon system mentioned above, forcing players to leave the rest of their weapons in the trunk of the car.

GTA V police chase
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UPKEEP: A fuel system would make players more strategic when it comes to fleeing

It would also be great to see many real-world elements included, such as a fuel system and tire changing mechanics, with players needed to stop off at the gas station every now and then, and tyres wearing out.

And, we know most people don't use them in real life, but having workable turn signals would be a great addition, especially for those that like to play GTA in a more realistic fashion.

GTA roleplay is a popular niche so Rockstar could make things more realistic for fans.

No Loading Screens

With NVME drives being included in the next-gen consoles, as well as becoming more standard in PCs, it is possible we will see shorter, or even no loading screens in GTA 6.

With many PS5 games, such as Spiderman: Miles Morales, there are no loading screens, allowing for seamless transitions between missions, cutscenes, and gameplay.

Spider Man Miles Morales key art
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FAST AS LIGHTNING: Miles Morales has no loading screens on PS5

That may not be possible with GTA 6 as we imagine it will be an incredibly large game, but even much faster loading would be welcomed.

GTA V is known for its long load times, especially when it comes to GTA Online, so this would be a welcomed aspect of the next entry.