GTA 6 Actor Casting spotted online

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After the blockbuster announcement that GTA 6 is in development, we're able to follow that up with more major news just one week later. It appears that the first casting info for the game has leaked.

You would think that might be the end of the news, but there's much more to this than meets the eye! Thanks to the discovery made by Kirsty Cloud from GTANet, there are layers to this new info.


First Actor Cast in GTA 6

Thanks to the brilliant sleuthing over at GTANet and the GTA Forums, an actor by the name of Guy A. Fortt appears to have jumped the gun on advertising their casting in GTA 6.

gta 6 casting leak

In a now-deleted tweet, he took the HollywoodReporter article on the Rockstar announcement and made it very clear he was a part of the cast.


There was an initial belief that he would be playing a character called Cali Moore but this has since been debunked. Cali Moore appears to be the casting director but at first viewing, it could have been a link to a Red Dead actress of the same name.

Nevertheless, we're not expecting Fortt to be playing a major role at this stage but it's interesting to know that development could have reached the point where development is looking at casting choices and potentially the case may have already begun working on the game.

gta 6 casting leak
The cast can make or break a GTA game

If we're being entirely honest about this casting choice, there's also the possibility that it's a completely made-up story. Why? Well, we're not too sure unless someone was really looking for some attention.


We can expect a ton of stories like this to crop up over the coming months and years. It's best to take the usual approach and believe nothing until there's hard proof. Here's hoping there are not too many jokers out there looking to capitalize on the hype surrounding the game going forward!