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GTA 6: 8 Rumours We'd Like To See In Grand Theft Auto VI

It has been seven years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, first launching back in 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Since then it has been ported to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and will soon be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The PlayStation 2 saw three main series GTA games, GTA V has seen three PlayStations.

GTA 6 Rumours We Hope Are True

Although the game hasn't been officially announced yet, that hasn't stopped rumours and speculations flying around the internet.

There has been some stuff leaked by "insiders", but until the game is officially announced it can't be confirmed as true.

But here are some stuff that we hope is true.

The Game Is Set In Vice City

The original 1997 Grand Theft Auto game centred around Liberty City (based on New York City), Vice City (based on Miami), and San Andreas (based on San Francisco).

These three locations have become a focal point of most future GTA games.

Grand Theft Auto 3 was based in Liberty City, the next title was called Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (10 points if you can guess where it was set), and finally Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas rounded out the PlayStation 2 trilogy.

GTA Vice City PS2 Tommy Fighting Police
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MIAMI: Vice City is based on Miami

There were also three spin-off titles in the Stories series that were set in Liberty City and Vice City.

2008s Grand Theft Auto IV was once again set in Liberty City, while 2013s Grand Theft Auto V was set in Los Santos, which included the San Andreas area.

Apart from GTA 2 and the two London games, all GTA games have taken place in one of these three locations.

With GTA 4 and 5 taking place in two of the three, that just leaves Vice City left without a new modern game.

This has fuelled rumours, leaks, and speculation that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, and we are all for that.

Vice City had a very chilled out vibe, being set in Miami there was a huge beach theme, as well as many night clubs, golf courses, resorts, and just many other places to relax and hang out.

Seeing Vice City in a modern HD, well 4K, recreation would be a sight to see and this is where we want to see the next game take place.

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Female Protagonist

All of the GTA games so far have seen a male main character, maybe its time to change things up after 23+ years.

GTA Online key promo art
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CREATE A CHARACTER: GTA Online allows for both male and female characters.

GTA Online allows us to create our own characters, including females, so perhaps we could see a female lead in this next title.

Maybe even a create a character feature?

Multiple Time Periods

GTA games, like many games, are set in a specific time period. GTA 3 was set around the year 2000, Vice City was in the 80s and San Andreas was in the 90s.

It would be great to see GTA 6 tell its story across multiple time periods.

Mafia key art
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BACK IN TIME: GTA 6 may see the game set across multiple time periods.

Perhaps the 60s or 70s then into the 80s and into a more modern day.

With the ability to make such large games, it would be great to see as it would offer a larger variety when it comes to the map and locations.

Multiple Cities

There are rumours that the game could feature multiple different cities.

The game is rumoured to take place in Vice City, but also possibly somewhere in Mexico and a city based on Chicago.

All locations are known for their large quantity of drugs that are shipped and sold, so it seems that if rumours are true it could centre around the narcotics trade.

Playing As Law Enforcement

Rockstar's LA Noire took a different spin on what we expect from them.

Instead of being the criminal, we got to be the cop.

LA Noire Nintendo Switch key art
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FREEZE: LA Noire saw players play as law enforcement.

It could add a different spin on things if we got to play as law enforcement in this game.

If the multiple cities are correct, then perhaps we could play as police in South America as they fight to take down the drug trade.

Or we could play as a dirty cop, which would feel very GTA.

Destructible Environments

Games such as Battlefield are known for their destructible environments, adding another of realism to the games.

With the power of modern PCs and consoles, implementing destructible environments would really help step things up in terms of realism and quality.

Perhaps we could see damage be long lasting and then see the city change as construction begins to repair the damage or build new structures.

It would take a lot of work to implement, but with the power of modern hardware and Rockstar's ability to produce games, we believe in them.

Cross Platform Multiplayer

GTA V is one of the most accessible games on the market.

It will soon span three console generations, as well as being available on multiple PC platforms.

However, the game isn't cross platform at all.

If you play on PC you can't play with any of your friends on console, and they can't play with others who aren't on their platform either.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 in-game Ginger Renegade firing Assault Rifle
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ACCESSIBILITY: Fortnite and many other games are fully cross platform.

With many players running Heists and other criminal activities, often they flock to Facebook groups and forums looking for people to help them.

The first question people ask is "What platform are you on?", and if they're not on the same then the player is out of luck.

With many games going completely cross platform, such as Fortnite and other popular multiplayer games, it makes sense for the next iteration of GTA to do the same.

Virtual Reality

First person was included as an option in GTA V and definitely changed the way we saw and played the game.

Virtual Reality is still fairly niche and has a small audience compared to traditional gaming.

GTA V first person mode Mike holding AR
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FIRST PERSON: GTA V's first person mode gives a glimpse at what VR could look like.

But that audience is increasing all the time as players adopt this new form of technology.

Being able to actually be in GTA and have your actions control your character could be an amazing experience and one we'd like to see.

With GTA 6 likely still being a few years off, there could definitely be a market for it by the time the game rolls around.

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