UPDATED GTA Online UFO locations: Daily Sightseer Event times & details

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We are in the second half of October now, so players are preparing for the GTA Online Halloween event. In the meantime, Rockstar Games have prepared a unique event for players that will have them watching the skyline closely for UFOs! UFOs are all over the city in GTA Online; and Sightseeing is a new event where players need to explore the city to observe these spaceships. Here are all the details you need one the GTA Online UFO locations and what time you can spot them.

Latest - October 20 Details

If you're trying to find the UFO location in GTA Online today, on Wednesday, October 20, below are the details you need:

  • Time - Between 10 PM and 3 AM
  • UFO Locations - Beam Me Up Hill

GTA Online UFO Event Time

Sightseeing is a daily event that will be available from October 15-21, 2021. Players will be able to see the UFO only during nighttime, between 10 PM and 3 AM in-game time.


Players can start the event during any GTA Online Session.

Every day (Game time), the UFO will change its locations. There are six different spots all over Blaine County where the vessel can be seen.

  • Saturday - Paleto Bay above the crashed UFO
  • Sunday - Peak of Mount Chiliad
  • Monday - East cost of the island near the Lighthouse
  • Tuesday - At the Radio Tower near the Altruist Camp
  • Wednesday - Beam Me Up Hill

The event is just about a Sightseeing event. There is no mission or direct interaction with the UFO, although Thunder will light up the Sky when players get too close, and the UFO will disappear.

When players approach the UFO in Vehicles, the engines will switch off for a brief period as well.

Teaser for the Halloween event?

The UFOs in the Sky are going to be part of the Halloween Event? Only time will tell - but Rockstar love throwing in these alien quirks to events, so it certainly wouldn't be a surprise!

The Halloween 2021 update is yet to be announced by Rockstar Games. However, the community is expecting the arrival of this spooky celebration around October 28th.

Even if we can not confirm the date yet, we can speculate that something Halloween-related is happening later this month, as GTA Online has celebrated Halloween every year since 2015.