GTA 5 Next Gen Crossplay: Can PS4 play with PS5 in GTA Online?

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The next gen version of GTA 5 has finally come to PS5 and Xbox Series X, after a few delays. If you're jumping back into GTA Online, you'll likely be wondering if friends on PS4 can play with people on PS5 with GTA 5 crossplay. We have all the details you need.

Crossplay in GTA 5 PS5

Unfortunately, GTA 5 next gen does not support crossplay at all. PS5 players cannot play with Xbox players, and PS5 players can't even play with PS4 GTA Online players.

Why that is, we don't know - it seems pretty unusual for such significant release that focuses so heavily on online play. But for the time being there is no crossplay in GTA 5 on any platform.


There's always a chance that Rockstar adds crossplay to allow PS5 and PS4 players to play together at a later date, but we'll let you know if anything is said about it.

Since GTA 5 is really an old game, initially releasing a couple of generations ago, maybe there's an underlying technical reason for the lack of crossplay. Hopefully we'll hear something official on it soon.

Character Transfer Across Generation

What you can do between consoles and generations, however, is transfer your GTA Online character to the next gen versions of GTA 5.

Once you've loaded up the game, all you need to do is connect your social club account to the game and select the option to do so.

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The GTA Online character transfer allows players to "move over their GTA Online progression, GTA$* stats, purchases, UGC-created Jobs, trophies and achievements in a one-time migration, no matter if they purchase the standalone version of GTA Online or access it through the bundle."

This can be done across console families too, although: "For GTA Online platform migrations, purchased GTA$ can only be transferred between platforms of the same family (PS4 -> PS5, Xbox One -> Xbox Series). All earned GTA$ will transfer regardless of platform."