Forget GTA 6, GTA 5 is the Ultimate Grand Theft Auto Experience

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Everyone is talking about Rockstar Games' upcoming GTA 6, but what about GTA 5? Over seven years later, GTA 5 still remains the ultimate Grand Theft Auto experience.

With a next-gen update in the works, we believe that gamers should take a step back from speculating about GTA 6 and enjoy GTA 5 and GTA Online for the amazing games they are.


Below are just a few reasons why GTA 5 is everything you could ever want from a Grand Theft Auto game.

GTA 5 Next Gen Update

GTA 5 isn't going to be an out-dated title for much longer!

Rockstar Games have confirmed that a next-gen update is in the pipeline, with the second half of 2021 as a release window.

While details are scarce regarding what this will mean, it's safe to assume that both 4K resolution and stable 60 fps are on the cards.

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A lot of games that have jumped the generational gap also have tweaked gameplay mechanics, Ray-Tracing features, and improved textures.


With GTA 5 still one of the most popular, highest rated games, you feel like Rockstar Games aren't going to want to disappoint with their GTA 5 next-gen update.

GTA Online Is Still Growing

The recent Cayo Perico Heist event in GTA Online is a testament to how much faith Rockstar Games still has in GTA 5's online mode.

This was the first time Rockstar Games added a new area to GTA V's Los Santos.

Although it is only available during missions, not Free Mode, it is an important step in foreshadowing countless other expansions for GTA Online.

GTA ONLINE - The Cayo Perico Heist is just the latest in an incredible number of updates.

GTA Online also reportedly had it's best holiday quarter ever regarding both audience size and net bookings.


With all this in mind, GTA Online is here to stay with GTA 5 and that's fine with us if we're waiting for GTA 6.

GTA 5 Has A Great Story

GTA 5 isn't just popular amongst gamers; the critics are fans too!

Rockstar's open-world shooter has won a lot of awards in it's time and been nominated for twice that. One of the reasons it's stood the test of time is due to it's brilliant narrative.

TENSE - GTA 5's storylines keep you on the edge of your seat!

GTA 5 has three distinct protagonists with an expertly inter-woven narrative that is compelling up until the last mission.

The GTA 5 story is perfectly crafted and doesn't suffer from the story-bloating newer titles can be accused of.


HowLongToBeat has GTA 5 at an estimated 43 hours completion time for All Styles.

When you take into account the sandbox nature of the game, GTA 5 can be as short or as long as you want! Explains why so many people are still playing it.

You Can Do Almost Anything

GTA 5 already has arguably too much to do and we don't need more.

You can go hunting, take a trip to the cinema, and go to the fairground in GTA 5. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to recreational activities!

You can also play a couple of sports; Tennis and Golf are both popular choices in Los Santos. That's on top of the street racing, of course.

FORE! - Hit the putting green as often as you want with GTA 5!

Of course, on top of all this you have all the gunfights and car chases you could ever want!

GTA 5's NPC AI is a technological marvel and fighting alongside and against them never gets boring.

If it starts to, though, then you have GTA Online! It's a win-win.

What Could GTA 6 Do Different?

With all this in mind, the question remains... What could GTA 6 really do differently?

Every Grand Theft Auto title builds on the last in some way; That much is true.


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You could argue the graphical improvements would be enough to justify it, but with the GTA 5 next-gen update coming to both Xbox Series X and PS5 there's little to suggest they won't be to the highest standards.

CHILL - GTA 5 isn't all about running and gunning!

On top of this, GTA 5's physics-based gameplay is almost unrivalled and remains one of the better gameplay experiences out there. Even after all these years.

GTA 5 has such a large array of vehicles and weapons, it's hard to imagine GTA 6 could bring anything new-enough to justify being called the better game.

Rockstar Games are also not opposed to adding new weapons to GTA 5 and GTA Online. So, if they think of anything that's missing it could just turn up in an update anyway!

GTA 5 is the ultimate Grand Theft Auto experience and we're more-than fine waiting for GTA 6 because of this.