17 Sep 2021 9:18 AM +00:00

Fans are growing impatient with GTA 6's Development

It never looked likely that GTA 6 would appear at the PlayStation Showcase this month but what fans got was even more frustrating. Around the halfway point of the stream, we got yet another look at GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced for PS5/Xbox Series X.

Worse still, the game has been delayed by four months and this was Rockstar's way of revealing this.

Fans are seemingly done with GTA 5

In a surprising turn of events, after the showing of GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced during the PlayStation Showcase, fans turned on the game in a dramatic fashion. No one was particularly expecting GTA 6 to appear during the live stream, although yet another showing of GTA 5 was seen as the last straw.


The game also sneakily announced a delay from 11 November to just 'March 2022'. Rockstar has never been the most public developer but fans are growing tired of the lack of communication.

By now, the fanbase understands that GTA games are not pumped out as a yearly franchise. They are, however, done with hearing about GTA 5 and want more spotlight placed on GTA 6


The wait for GTA 6 continues

Despite all the recent angst around GTA 5, demand and excitement for GTA 6 haven't wavered. Fans know deep down that Rockstar will deliver the goods. It's undeniable that the popularity of both GTA 5 and Online has justified the treatment that the game has received over the last 8 years.

Funnily enough, the gaming community still gives Skyrim a harder time than GTA despite them both releasing across multiple platforms and generations.

GTA Online GTA 6
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GTA Online has been a force since its release

Despite multiple leaks surrounding GTA 6, Rockstar has never felt the need to come forward and deny/admit to them. Fans are left to speculate and this builds more hype than Rockstar could possibly generate by releasing factual information.

It appears that the wait for official GTA 6 information will take us into 2022 at least. Until then, you can keep up to date on any leaks and stories around it by following our article here.