Does GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition Have Mods?

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After months of wait, GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition is finally here. Unfortunately, it hasn't launched in the best state and, while you wait for patches, you can grab mods to get slightly better performance. Here's how mods work in the game.

Does GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition have mods?

Yes, GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition does have mods. Unfortunately, you need the game on PC to play them and there doesn't seem to be any plans to enable them on console right now.


If you're looking to change up the game (or upgrade them), you will need it on the Rockstar launcher. This is easier said than done as the game has been down a handful of times there since launch due to fans finding some controversial hidden files.

Why you may need mods

As of right now, GTA isn't quite as optimised as it should be. The rain is currently causing havoc on the framerate and performance and some of its changes aren't all that welcome.


You may want to add some mods to get the game running at its best. Eventually, we will start to see more unique mods but this is where the community is putting their work into right now.

The best GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition Mods

Here are some mods you should probably get right now:

Better Rain - This mod will not only optimise the rain but get it looking a little better.


More Variety of Vehicles - Download this to get some more options as you drive down the street

Better Police and Ambulance Sirens Sounds - If you don't like the current police and ambulance sounds, this may be worth a download.