Everything we want to see from a modern Vice City map in GTA 6

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Rumours are rife about GTA 6 and they're always worth talking about. One such rumour, started by Tom Henderson, is that the next Grand Theft Auto game is going to take place on a modern Vice City map, inspired by 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. (We can't believe it's that old, either!)

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With this in mind, we've listed seven things we want to see from a modern Vice City map and how Rockstar Games can really up the ante and improve on Grand Theft Auto V ahead of launch.


Vice City's Nightlife Needs To Be Represented in GTA 6

This goes without saying, but one of the charms of Vice City is its nightlife. If there's one area where Grand Theft Auto V was lacking, it was this. Sure, there was the Vanilla Unicorn but that was pretty much it.

Los Santos' nightlife never really feels like it was properly explored and/or represented in Grand theft Auto V and if we are headed to a modern Vice City map in GTA 6... This needs to be fixed.

Modern Vice City Map GTA 5 Vanilla Unicorn, gta 6
THE ONLY STRIP CLUB - You feel like Rockstar Games can do more with these locations

The next Grand Theft Auto title needs to thrust the late-night life of its world into the limelight. They have all those fantastic Radio Stations available, why not make more use of them?

The Grand Theft Auto series is all about crime and if there's one place, in fictitious narratives, where crime is usually found... it's in the office of a nightclub.

San Andreas' Workout Regime

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor all live busy lives. We all know this. There's only so much crime you can commit in a day and they somehow manage to keep committing more. It makes you wonder, though... How does an old man like Michael De Santa keep in shape? It can't just be the crime, right?


One thing Grand Theft Auto V was missing was San Andreas' "Working Out" features. In San Andreas, CJ would dynamically shift weights depending on how much Cluckin' Bell he'd scoff and how many weights he would lift. It was a small feature, but one that made you feel more in control of his character and helped further improve the immersion of the game.

Modern Vice City Map GTA San Andreas Gym, gta 6
SHOOTING LEAD AND PUMPING IRON - GTA 6 could do with a few Gyms, right?

It was an interesting omission from Grand Theft Auto V, especially given the fact that "Muscle Beach" is one of Los Santos' Seafront's key features.

We believe a modern Vice City map wouldn't be complete without some sort of "Gym Scene" and we think the re-introduction of the Vice City theme is the perfect time for Rockstar Games to bring back working out to their game through interactive Gyms and bodybuilding features.

Red Dead Redemption 2's Shopping

We know Grand Theft Auto V is going to inspire GTA 6 a lot, but Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of fantastic stuff in it that Rockstar Games would be foolish to ignore. One of these things is Red Dead Redemption 2's shops.

It's a small detail in the grand scheme of things but when you go shopping in Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur can actually shop.


If you want to speed the process up, you can go and check out the Universal Catalogue which has everything you need in it. However, if you want to play with a bit more realism you can actually go and pick up that Can of Beans from the shelf and buy it.

Modern Vice City Map RDR2, gta 6
STILL HANDY - The Wheeler, Rawson & Co catalogue is still useful... [Credit: TheGamesEntertainer]

Los Santos' convenience stores are largely there to be robbed and don't actually work as a shop. With there being rumours that GTA 6 could be looking into Red Dead's status bars feature, a modern Vice City map would do well to have a few stores you can actually shop in.

Golf Isn't The Only Sport Out There

There's a lot to do in Grand Theft Auto V and some of the great additions to the game were the sports-based side activities.

Los Santos primarily offers Golf and Tennis to its residents, but you have to wonder why Rockstar Games has only included these two sports. There are more sporting activities out there and we think a modern Vice City map would do well to represent that.

Modern Vice City Map Golf GTA 5
FORE! - Surely there's more to life than Golf...

Football (AKA American Football) and Football (AKA Soccer) are both hugely popular sports in Miami, which would be the basis of a modern Vice City map, and it would be a missed opportunity to not represent this interest in-game.

In addition to this, there are activities like Cycling and Swimming which are already in-game features that Rockstar Games could easily tweak into more competitive experiences.

Rockstar Games has also been known to dabble in Snooker in the past and we think the addition of these recreational sports would work well alongside Golf to create a truly rich world. We all know that business is best done out on the fairway of the eleventh hole, anyway, right?

Breaking The Bank, Literally

At its core, the Grand Theft Auto series is all about crime. If there's one thing Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto titles continually seem to lack... It's, well, crime. You can run around shooting people and holding up liquor stores in Grand Theft Auto V, but you can't really commit anything too "big."

Anything that might be considered a bit more organised is reserved for GTA Online or the single-player missions and often feel like they have faux freedom. You can pick your Heist Team, but the missions always play out the same way. If there's one thing a modern Vice City map needs above all else, it's more opportunities for crime.

Modern Vice City Map GTA 5
MORE CRIME, MORE FUN - Please be aware that this advice does not apply to real life

Grand Theft Auto players want to go around robbing banks, tackling jewellery stores, and making the big bucks. The Payday series is a perfect example of sandbox crime and we think Rockstar Games should look to them for inspiration when creating certain areas of their modern Vice City map. The banks are made to be broken and we want to start breaking them in GTA 6.

Seedier Underworlds

Los Santos, as a city, is full of alleyways and dodgy dealings. It's a Grand Theft Auto setting, after all! However, it never quite feels as crime-filled as you'd expect given the circumstances. With GTA 6 looking more and more likely that it's going to tackle a modern Vice City with its map, we want to see a seedier underworld than we've ever seen before.

In Grand Theft Auto V, a surprising amount of the actual crime takes place in the northern areas of the map where rolling fields and trailer parks are the main features.

Trevor is a crazy guy, so it makes sense, but it leaves Los Santos' city feeling relatively clean. The crime you commit, by and large, always feels quite grand. You almost feel like you're playing as a "good guy" in all of this.

Modern Vice City Map GTA Tommy
AGAIN, MORE CRIME, MORE FUN - Again, please don't actually take this as real-life advice

Of course, we want GTA 6's protagonists to have some sense of redemption... But we also want a game that reflects the gravity of the situation. Killing sprees in Red Dead Redemption 2 always feel more impactful than they do in Grand Theft Auto V and we can't quite put our finger on it.


If there's one thing Rockstar Games can do to help GTA 6 have that extra level of gravitas, it's having a seedier underworld represented in their modern Vice City map.

One Giant Dock (or Port)

Finally, it goes without saying, but we want GTA 6's modern Vice City map to have one fat Dock. Vice City's Viceport Boatyard could use a facelift and we think Rockstar Games would do well to explore the maritime activities of the city in their sequel to Grand Theft Auto V.

Recently, we've seen a lot of rumours that GTA 6 is going to take place over a fictional Southern American nation and Vice City and what better way to represent this international flair than a giant shipping Dock in their modern Vice City map.

Modern Vice City Map GTA Vice City Viceport
COULD DO WITH A LICK OF PAINT - Viceport has seen better days, right?

There's nothing quite as thrilling as a shootout amongst stacked shipping containers and, in the history of cinema, a lot of dramatic moments have happened at the water's edge. A modern Vice City map would look weird without some kind of Seaport and we think an expanded Dock would be a perfect addition to the map Rockstar Games might be cooking up.