GRID comes to Android - console-quality graphics, intuitive controls & more

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Android players, the wait is finally over!

Codemasters have announced that their racing title, GRID Autosport, is coming to Android devices on Tuesday 26th November!


Keep reading for a breakdown of what to expect.

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What is GRID Autosport?

GRID Autosport was originally released in June 2014 and was available on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game followed the release of GRID 2 in a move back toward "more authentic racing games".

The game was well received, earning ratings of 8.3/10 from IGN and 7/10 on Steam.


More recently, GRID Autosport became available across the Nintendo Switch and iOS devices - and now, it's Android's turn.

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What to expect from the Android edition

Codemasters tweeted a video announcement of the Android adaption of GRID Autosport, which details several features we can expect.

Primarily, Codemasters are promising console-quality graphics and the full AAA experience - this feature demonstrates just how far mobile gaming has come over recent years.

Players can also look forward to intuitive controls - there will be several different control types:

  • Tilt Steering (tilt your screen to control your car)
  • Wheel Touch (use your screen as a steering wheel)
  • Arrow Touch (control direction with arrows either side of the screen)
  • Gamepad Support (connect a gamepad/controller to your device)

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The GRID Autosport Android release comes a month after GRID 2019 was released - so if you enjoy playing GRID Autosport on your mobile, you'll love GRID 2019.

GRID 2019 a strong racing game. The wide range of cars, locations, and circuit routes mean you aren’t likely to get bored with it any time soon. The racing experience is truly unlike any other too.

The race choreographer, as well as nemesis mode, are things that Codemasters need to put into every racing game in the future, especially F1 2020. They are masterpieces that really alter the way this game feels compared to a usual racer.

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