*SPONSORED* GRID 2019: F1 champion Fernando Alonso has helped shape Codemasters' latest racing game

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There are very few racing institutions quite like Codemasters. They have a level of trust from the gaming community that few can match. A lot of that comes down to their amazing F1 series of games. So when they announced a reboot of their popular racing franchise GRID, there was plenty of excitement.

But why should you buy it? After all, £50/$60 is a lot for any gamer. We take a look at the five main features to look forward to from GRID, including the inclusion of F1 legend Fernando Alonso.


GRID has a release date of 11 October. But what new features make the new GRID unique from its predecessors?

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Race against F1 legend Fernando Alonso

Perhaps the most notable new feature in the fresh instalment of GRID is the involvement of F1 legend, Fernando Alonso. Racers will be able to test their skills on the track against the two-time Formula 1 champion in a whole string of career mode races, but that’s not all. 

Codemasters has utilised Alonso’s unparalleled expertise to understand more about driver personalities, on-track politics and actual motorsport driving mechanics. 

Alonso acted as Race Consultant to Codemasters, offering insight only an F1 Champion could provide.


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400+ AI personalities

GRID has a staggering 400 AI personalities for you to race against, varying from conservative to ultra-aggressive. From these 400 personalities, you are able to choose a teammate from a select pool of 72 drivers, each with their own driving style and skill level.

Partner drivers have an additional trait, which is guaranteed loyalty to you and the team. This means they will follow your orders, blocking and interfering with rival drivers to help you succeed in the race.

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Nemesis mode


Racers with an aggressive racing style, be prepared for some AI retribution! If you get too physical with an AI opponent, GRID’s nemesis mode will kick in, meaning the driver you’ve offended will become a nemesis and look to hinder your race in any way they can. 

Racing etiquette goes out the window, as your nemesis will look to push you off your racing line, cutting you off and blocking you, with the sole aim of finishing ahead of you. As if that doesn’t sound chaotic enough, you can have up to five nemeses in any one race.

Incredible depth - 80+ routes, 60+ cars

GRID will give its players the opportunity to race across 13 different tracks in 4 separate continents. There are over 80 possible routes to try out across the various tracks and Codemasters have revealed that more new courses will be available once the game is released via DLC that is free for all players.

Similarly, GRID offers a vast number of cars to choose from. There are over 60 cars across seven different vehicle classes including; GT, Stock, Tuner, Touring, Formula J, Prototypes, Group 7 Specials.

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Stunning graphics

GRIDs graphics are truly sensational and can be enjoyed across amazing night races in cities like Shanghai & Havana. The new realistic crashing graphics create an immersive experience; cars can break down and get damaged (with scrapes, bangs and chipped paint), as your car’s damage worsens throughout a race. 

So, there you have it, Codemasters has endeavoured to create a truly immersive racing game for all types of gamers and there’s plenty for you to get stuck in to with the new instalment. Let us know what feature you’re most excited about in our comments below.

Pre-order GRID for Xbox One, PS4, & PC now by clicking here!