EA Sports PGA Tour Driving Guide: How to hit the fairway every time

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ea sports pga tour driving guide

After a long wait, we can finally hit the courses on EA Sports PGA Tour, with our driving guide designed to help you hit the fairways every time!

Whether you are a power player or take a more controlled approach, a good drive is essential to get a low scorecard.

Check out our EA Sports PGA Tour driving guide below to maximise the most powerful shot in your armoury.

EA Sports PGA Tour Driving Guide

A good drive sets you up to attack the hole, helping to lower your score.

As your starting shot, it is vital to hit it right, otherwise, you will be hitting recovery shots which could put you in even more bother!

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ea sports pga tour bunker speith
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DANGER ZONE - Learning how to drive will keep you away from those pesky bunkers

Before you even take your swing, there are two main areas of gameplay to understand in EA Sports PGA Tour, Pre-Address and Address, with each as follows:


This is where you first set up your shot. Position your aim, selecting from a variety of clubs and shot types, and add shape to your shot to manoeuvre around the course and change the spin of your ball.

There are plenty of things you should take into account at this point, with the club and shot type impacting your shot but most of all, but also course dynamics and ball behaviour like wind, altitude, terrain reactions, ball dribbling, and more.

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A full list of what impacts your shot in EA Sports PGA Tour is as follows:

  • Club
  • Shot type
  • Shot shape
  • Slope of the terrain
  • Velocity & spin reduction from adverse terrain (like rough)
  • Golfer, club, and ball attributes
  • Power boost
  • Swing execution
  • Wind
  • In-flight Spin Control
  • Altitude
  • Ball Reactions depending on terrain type and course Conditions
  • Ball dribbling

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There are so many combinations of club, shot type, etc., that we can't go into each individually, but the main things to note are:

  • A low shot will be impacted less by the wind and has a flatter trajectory so will run out more
  • A draw will also run out more
  • A high shot will be impacted more by the wind and has a greater trajectory arc, so will stop shorter and roll on less
  • Depending on your settings, you can see how the wind will impact your shot via the blue trail line
  • Some players will have the Power Drive shot type unlocked, which adds around an extra 10 yards to a driver
  • Golfers have a favoured ball trajectory and shot shape, with accuracy boosted when hitting shots using your golfer's preferred shot shape

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Once you've lined up your shot, it's time to take a swing at it!

You can keep making adjustments to your aim and shot shape when addressing the ball, take a practice swing, or go back to pre-address if you need to make bigger changes.

ea sports pga tour scottsdale
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THREAD THE NEEDLE - Some shots will require you to add shape to avoid obstacles

Remember to take note of any fade or draw you are putting on your shot, as this will impact the swing line you need to input.

The wind may also be swirling around on certain holes, so that adds some extra pressure on timing your shot.

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Swing Technique

Once you have planned your shot in EA Sports PGA Tour, its time to take a swing at it.

Although the preparation in choosing your club and shot type, as well as reading the course, will have the greater impact on your shot, the swing is what brings it all together.


Every shot in EA Sports PGA Tour is based on three components: backswing length, forward swing speed, and swing plane (the path of your swing).

When playing a straight shot without any draw or fade, you will want to move the stick in a straight line down to up (to 6 o'clock then up to 12 on a clockface).

If you add draw or fade to your shot, the direction you move the stick in will mimic the shape, either going from bottom left (around 8 o'clock) up to centre (12 o'clock) or bottom right (around 4 o'clock) up to centre.

The closer your swing matches the line present in the on-screen display ball, the better your shot.

swing meter feedback ea sports pga tour
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TIMING IS EVERYTHING - A perfect swing is needed to play the best shots

Timing is vital, as backswing length can produce an over-swing, under-swing, or perfect swing. Fast or slow swing speed can also occur. Both backswing length and swing speed impact the power of your shot.

There will be a marker on your golfer's swing meter which is where you should be aiming to change from your backswing (pulling back on the stick) to a forward swing (pushing the stick forward).

You will receive feedback on all the shots you play, allowing you to adjust your style until your tempo is perfect!

Remember that different players will have different swing speed tempos, ranging from slowest, through slower, normal and faster, up to fastest.

The animation of the golfer's swing will guide you as to how to time your shot and is something that must be learned as you play.

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