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How to Take a Picture in Genshin Impact

One feature of Genshin Impact that many players do not know about, or always seem to forget about, is the in-game camera.

Actually, there are two different in-game cameras in Genshin Impact. The one used from the Paimon Menu and the Kamera gadget.

Both function a bit differently and are accessed in different ways.

Let us take a look at each camera, its features, and how it is used.

Using the Genshin Impact Camera

Paimon Menu take a picture in Genshin Impact
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CAMERA: Used to take staged pictures with many options available

Genshin Impact's in-game camera is accessible via the Paimon Menu by choosing the upper-left camera icon.

Once players are in the camera interface, they are presented with several options, such as:

  • Zoom level
  • Camera positioning
  • Hiding/Showing the game User Interface
  • Resetting the camera
  • Adding background blur
  • Hiding/Showing the character
  • Making the character look at the screen
  • Character pose
  • Character expression

The higher a player's Friendship Level is with a character, the more poses and facial expressions they will unlock for use with the Camera.

Genshin Impact in-game camera - take a picture in Genshin Impact
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CAMERA: The in-game interface allows for different options

Once a player takes a photo in Genshin Impact, they have the option to save it or reshoot the pictures.

Saved photos are stored in the Genshin Impact folder on a player's hard drive.

The standard location on Windows is C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\ScreenShot

PS4 users will find their photos in their Screenshot folder, while Mobile users will find them in the Camera Roll.

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Using the Genshin Impact Camera for Quests

Genshin Impact camera options
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OPTIONS: More options available for the in-game camera

There are a few quests in Genshin Impact that will require players to take a picture.

Unless otherwise specified, this means using the camera from the Paimon Menu.

When a player reaches the proper destination and opens the in-game camera, it will automatically adjust to the quest's position.

Once the player snaps a picture and exits the camera screen, the quest's requirement will be met.

There is no need to save the photo to their device.

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Using the Genshin Impact Kamera

Genshin Impact Ganyu gliding
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KAMERA: For taking quick pictures

Unlike the camera from the Paimon Menu, the Kamera is an equipable gadget allowing players to take pictures at the press of a button quickly.

Unlike the Paimon Menu camera, the Kamera does not have any options for tweaking or posing a player's character.

After a picture is quickly taken with the Kamera, players have the option to save it to their device's screenshot folder, listed above in this article.

Kamera use
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USE: The Kamera is a gadget equipped from a player's inventory

To equip the Kamera, players must first obtain the gadget from Xu in Liyue Harbor.

Once they have it, the Kamera is equipped from the Inventory screen and assigned to a quick button for easy use.

Even a Special Kamera that was available during the Liyue Lantern Festival will apply special effects to a taken photo.

There are a few quests in Genshin Impact that specifically ask players to use the Kamera instead of the camera from the Paimon Menu.

Players can only complete these quests with the Kamera gadget, just as other camera quests require the use of the camera from the Paimon Menu.

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Taking Pictures in Genshin Impact

When it comes to taking pictures for fun, players can use either method to capture the stunning beauty of Genshin Impact in all its glory.

The Paimon Menu camera is excellent for taking the time to capture the perfect shot, while the Kamera excels at capturing a picture in the heat of the moment.

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