How To Change Wings in Genshin Impact

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One of a Genshin Impact player's most important tools is their Wind Glider. The game offers players the ability to change the appearance of their Wind Glider by earning new Gliders from City Reputation Rewards, being a PlayStation Player, and has even given out a free Wind Glider as part of its first anniversary rewards.

While it is nice to have the option to swap out how each character's Wind Glider looks, some players have a bit of trouble figuring out where to set this in Genshin Impact.

Here is how to change a character's wings in Genshin Impact.

How To Change a Character's Wings in Genshin Impact

The first thing players will need to do is open up the Paimon Menu and head to the Character section. Once there, they will need to choose the character on which they would like to swap out the wings. On the bottom right-hand of the screen will be a "Dressing Room" option.

Genshin Impact Character Screen
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Once players are in the Dressing Room there are options to change a character's outfit (if the player has any skins) or to change their Wind Glider. Select the WIng Glider option and all the unlocked gliders a player has will be available to equip.

The best part is that different Wind Gliders can be equipped on different characters, so players can best match their Gliders to a particilar character's look.

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