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Genshin Impact's Spectral Secrets Event Brings Exploration to Expeditions

The latest event in Genshin Impact 2.1, Spectral Secrets, is live now, offering players Primogem rewards for completing special expeditions for the Adventurer's Guild.

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Players can send out multiple characters for each expedition, as well as one character from a friend's party, in order to guarantee success.

Spectral Secrets Dates


Genshin Impact's Spectral Secrets runs from September 29, 2021, until September 26, 2021.

Players must be at least AR30 and have completed "Ritou Escape Plan" in order to participate.

Spectral Secrets Details

Genshin Impact Spectre
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Each day, players will be able to take on four different commissions from Katheryne at the Adventurer's Guild stall in Inazuma.

Expeditions have three different ranks

  • S-Rank - 12 hours to complete
  • A-Rank - 10 hours to complete
  • B-Rank - 8 hours to complete

Additionally, S-Rank requires players to do a Preliminary Investigation at a marked location on the map.

This involves finding and lighting three lamps using Electrongrana, and fighting a number of Spectres before players can send characters out on an S-Rank expedition.

Players can send up to four of their own characters on an Expedition, along with a character from one of their friend's parties.

The goal is the get the success rate up to Perfect in order to earn the maximum reward for the expedition.

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Spectral Secrets Rewards

All expeditions provide rewards such as:

  • Mystic Enchantment Ore
  • Hero's Wit
  • Sanctifying Unction
  • Talent Materials
  • Weapons Ascension Materials

In addition to the above rewards, Primogems are awarded as follows:

  • S-Rank: 20 Primogems
  • A-Rank: 15 Primogems
  • B-Rank: 10 Primogems

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