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Genshin Impact Yoimiya Materials: Ascension & Talent Materials Farming Guide

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The Genshin Impact 3.2 Livestream has finally come and gone, and in it, we got to see all of the new content in the upcoming update.

Yoimiya is one of the characters getting a rerun in the upcoming patch, and this is the perfect occasion to share our farming guide with all ascension materials necessary to maximize her levels and talents.

Yoimiya Release Date

Yoimiya will return in the first half of Genshin Impact 3.2 banners, which will go live on November 2, 2022.

Among these banners, Mongrass Enlightenment will also feature Nahida, the human vessel of the Dendro Archon.

Yoimiya Ascension Materials

To get the most out of any character you'll want to have things ready to upgrade them. With that in mind, here are all of the required Yoimiya materials and where you can find them as of Genshin Impact 3.2.

Smoldering Pearl

Smoldering Pearl is a character-level-up material dropped by the Pyro Hypostasis, a world boss from Inazuma.

Pyro Hypostasis boss in Genshin Impact
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Pyro Hypostasis: World boss in Genshin Impact
  • This Pyro Hypostasis is located in the North of Kannazuka Island, in Inazuma. Make sure to bring a Hydro Character to break its shield.
  • Players require x46 Smoldering Pearl for a Lv. 90 Yoimiya.
  • Pyro Hypostasis drops 2-3 of these materials once it is defeated for a cost of 40 resins.

Naku Weed

Naku Weed is a local specialty of Inazuma, a plant with big purple leaves that look like petals that protect the flower.

Naku Weed in Genshin Impact
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Naku Weed: Local Specialty from Inazuma in Genshin Impact
  • Players need 168 Naku Weed for a Lv. 90 Yoimiya.
  • There are 129 Naku Weed in the wild, refreshing every 48hrs.
  • Players can buy extra Naku weed with NPC Aoi in Inazuma, and grow 8 more in the Serenitea Pot.


Samachurls are shamans with Elemental powers, usually found in Hilichurls camps. A common enemy that drops the world material: Scrolls.

  • For raising Yoimiya to Lv. 90 players need:
    • 18 Divining Scrolls
    • 30 Sealed Scrolls
    • 36 Forbidden Curse Scrolls

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Yoimiya Talent Materials

One of the best ways to gather Talent Materials for Yoimiya is by attacking the camps of Hilichurls.

  • Samachurls are found in all areas of the game, so it is not very hard to collect these scrolls.
  • To increase Yoimiya Talents to the max, players need:
    • 18 Divining Scrolls
    • 66 Sealed Scrolls
    • 93 Forbidden Curse Scrolls

Transience Series

Talent-level books that players can obtain in the Violet Court domain on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

  • To max Yoimiya's Talents, players need to collect:
    • 9 Teachings of Transience
    • 63 Guide to Transience
    • 114 Philosophies of Transience

Trounce Domain: Beneath the Dragon-Queller

Azhdaha is the oldest of the Geovishaps, he was the companion of the Geo Archon.

Azhdaha in Genshin Impact
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AZHDAHA: Boss of the Trounce Domain: Beneath The Queller

Players can battle against him in the Trounce Domain under the giant tree in Nantianmen.

  • Azhdaha will drop the Dragon Lord's Crown once is defeated.
    • Ayaka needs 18 of these horns for max Talents.

Agnidus Agate

Common Ascencion Ores are used to level-up Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact.

Agnidus Agate Stones in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Blank
Agnidus Agate Ascension Material Stone for Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact

Players will find the first pieces by defeating:

  • Pyro Hypostasis
  • La Signora
  • Azhdaha
  • Pyro Regisvine
  • Primo Geovishap

The ores are also randomly obtained in chests, daily commission rewards, and events.

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