Genshin Impact: Those Hard-to-Reach Places Guide

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Genshin Impact's Windblume Festival kicks into full gear with the first quest available, the Ode to Flower and Cloud.

The second quest of Act I has players helping to clean off the rooftops of homes around the city of Mondstadt.

During the Invitation of Windblume events, Venti will be keeping an eye on players and interacting when them throughout, similar to Xiao in the Latern Festival events of Genshin Impact 1.3.

Festive Anecdotes of the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival

Angel statue with dandelion seeds
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WINDBLUME: The festival begins!

Those Hard-to-Reach Places is one quest of many Festive Anecdotes of the Windblume Festival and is a limited quest only available during the event's duration.

The quest is available today and will run until April 5, 2021.

There are three total quests in Act I: Ode to Flower and Cloud:

The guide below covers the Those Hard-to-Reach Places quest of Act I.

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Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest Rewards

Each of the three Act I: Ode to Flower and Cloud quests provide the following rewards:

  • Ode to Flower and Cloud
    • Primogems x60
    • Mora x30,000
    • Hero's Wit x3
  • Those Hard-to-Reach Places
    • Primogems x20
    • Mora x10,000
    • Hero's Wit x2
  • "Quiet, please, this is a library!"
    • Primogems x20
    • Mora x10,000
    • Hero's Wit x2

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Genshin Impact Those Hard-to-Reach Places Walkthrough

Screenshot of leaf piles
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LEAVES: Players will be searching for dry leaf piles

The second quest of Act I: Ode to Flower and Cloud is titled Those Hard-to-Reach Places and has players cleaning up piles of dry leaves on top of houses.

After completing the first quest, Ode to Flower and Cloud, players can head right over to Aramis to kick off Those Hard-to-Reach Places.

He is located on the eastern side of Mondstadt plaza at the bottom of the cathedral stairs.

Here is the basic flow of the quest:

  1. Talk to Aramin in the Mondstadt plaza
  2. Find the three areas, one by one, marked on the map below and use Anemo abilities to blow away leaf piles
    1. The first area will have three piles to clear
    2. The second area will have four piles to clear
    3. The third area will have three piles to clear
  3. Find the cat (just a bit north on the city walls of the last set of leaf piles)
  4. Return to Aramin
Leaf pile locations
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LEAVES: Follow the numbers in order

This is a pretty straightforward quest and takes only around five to ten minutes to complete.

Gliding from a high place to get to the various rooftops tends to be easier than climbing walls, and if players have Venti they can use his Elemental Skill to easily boost themselves up higher.

Players should make sure to have a character with Anemo abilities in their party, as they will be needed to clear the leaves off rooftops.


After talking to Aramin the final time, players will be rewarded for the quest and move on to the next.

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