How to Get the Wind Blessed Harpastum in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact 1.6's Midsummer Island Adventure contains a multitude of challenges that require the Wind Blessed Harpastum to complete.

The following is a guide on how to get the Wind Blessed Harpastum in Genshin Impact, equip it, and use it to complete those challenges.

How to Get the Wind Blessed Harpastum

Genshin Impact Summer Sparkle Barbara
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BARBARA: Ready for summer!

All that Genshin Impact players need to do to obtain the Wind Blessed Harpastum is complete the Summer Vacation: Proceed With Caution quest, the second main quest of the Midsummer Island Adventure.

At the end of the quest, Barbara will give Klee the Wind Blessed Harpastum, and it will then be available in the player's inventory as a gadget.

To use the Wind Blessed Harpastum, players must:

  1. Equip the Wind Blessed Harpastum from the Gadget tab of their inventory.
  2. Press LB+B (on controllers) to activate the gadget. This will replace a character's Elemental Skill for the time being with the Wind Blessed Harpastum.
  3. Hold down the Elemental Skill button and aim, releasing the button to launch the Wind Blessed Harpastum.

The Harpastum is only useful on the Golden Apple Archipelago to complete certain challenges and will not be available for use once Genshin Impact 1.6 ends.

Wind Blessed Harpastum Challenges

Genshin Impact Dodo-King Painted Wall
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SOURCE: Honey Hunter World

There are two different types of Wind Blessed Harpastum challenges in Genshin Impact 1.6.

The first involves breaking Dodo-King painted walls.

To do this, players must stand in the white rectangle in front of a Dodo-King painted wall and launch the Wind Blessed Harpastum at it.

The ball will bounce back and players must use the attack button to send it back.

Repeat the process until the wall is destroyed.

The second type of challenge involves Hymnal Rings.

By standing on a circular platform, players will active Hymnal Rings that players must pass the Wind Blessed Harpastum through to hit a target.

There are several types of rings that affect the Wind Blessed Harpastum in different ways:

  • Elemental Rings - Imbue the Wind Blessed Harpastum with an element required by a target to activate
  • Twister Ring - Change the trajectory of the Wind Blessed Harpastum. These can sometimes be rotated by players
  • Reprise Ring - Splits the Wind Blessed Harpastum in two

Completing a Wind Blessed Harpastum challenge unlocks a chest that players can open for Primogems and other rewards.

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