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The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest Walkthrough: How to start & complete

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Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest in Genshin Impact view

Struggling to complete the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest in Genshin Impact? Version 4.2 has been released, which means that there is a lot of new content in the online multiplayer game.

One of the quests in the newly unlocked regions of Fontaine is the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes. You can find this quest in the Erinnyes Forest. Let's find out how you can start and complete the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest in Genshin Impact!

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How to start The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes quest chain in Genshin Impact

The good news is that the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest is not locked behind any quest, so there are no pre-requisite missions to complete! However, you will need to trigger the quest, which can be done in two of the following ways:

The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes scenery
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  • Interact with a stone tablet on one of the fountains at Marcotte Station in Fontaine. This will trigger the Foggy Forest Path sub-quest.
  • Investigate an underwater altar beneath the Wilting Weeping Willow. Interacting with the altar will initiate the Wilting Weeping Willow sub-quest.

The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes walkthrough

Now that you know how to trigger the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest, let's look at each sub-quest, and how you can breeze through them with the help of our handy tutorials.

The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes - Where to Start
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Foggy Forest Path

  • Search for the Foggy Forest Path: Follow the quest marker and reach the location on your map.
  • Go deeper into Foggy Forest Path: Approach the altar to reveal the next step of the quest.
  • Reveal the altar's secrets: Defeat the Hydro Slimes nearby and carry the blue orbs until they merge into one and attack it. The Tree will be activated with one dew. Similarly, solve the other two dew puzzles.
  • Examine the item on the altar: Return to the altar after the third puzzle is complete and pick up the new object on it.

Wilting Weeping Willow

  • Find a way to activate the altar: There is a key in the middle of the lake, so you will need to dive and swim all the way to the bottom, where there is an altar. Interact with the altar and defeat the sharpray. Use the octopus's razor blade skill to solve the bubble puzzle by placing it closer to the one-symbol pipe and further from the one with two symbols.
  • Examine the item on the altar: Once you have solved the puzzle, swim back to pick up the key. There will be a cutscene with Pakhsiv, and you can then move on to the next sub-quest.

Furious Mouth of the Spring

  • Search for the "key" near the "Mouth of the Spring": Approach Lake Urania from the south, keeping the direction of the strong wind in mind. Dive into the pond. Defeat the crab with charged attacks and the armored crab skill.
  • Subdue the enraged vishap: When you find the room near the reservoir, you will see a sleeping vishap. Interact with it and you will find yourself on the shore, with the vishap attacking you. Hit it until its health reduces considerably, but you don't need to kill it, as Pakhsiv will appear - and that's the end of this sub-quest.

Within the Depths of Erinnyes

  • Go to the square: Make your way to the fountain at Marcotte station.
  • Insert the Waterdrop Keys into the statue: After a cutscene with Pakhsiv, use the keys that you have collected. You will need to place them in the statues around the fountain.
  • Enter the secret passage under the square: Once the passage appears, enter through it.
  • Go deeper into the passage: Keep walking through the underwater tunnel until you reach the bottom, where there is a Luxurious Chest waiting for you. Open it, and then use the rings to make your way back to land.
  • Cleanse the filth near the "root": Pakhsiv will tell you to cleanse the filth, which is the dirt next to the tree roots. You will need to fight some Hounds, after which you can use the xenochrome octopus skill from the nearby pedestal to shift around the dirt, and clear them.
  • Repel the Rifthounds: Once cleared, more Hounds will appear, and they are larger in number. Defeat them all. Make sure you have a Healer on your team, as this will be a long and tough fight.
  • Go with the flow...: Once all the Hounds are gone, Pakhsiv will thank you with chests filled with rewards. You will also receive the achievement "Semnai without a shadow."

That's the end of our guide on how to start and complete the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest in Genshin Impact. For more information on the game, make sure to check out all the quality-of-life changes coming to Genshin Impact. Also, here's everything we know about the upcoming character Navia.

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