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Genshin Impact: Where to find Philanemo Mushrooms, Guide, Locations, and more!

Genshin Impact is taking the world by storm, and if you want to get in on the action it pays to know where to find the elusive Philanemo Mushrooms!

Luckily, we've got all your foraging questions covered right here, so keep reading for everything you need to know on how to grab these items.

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On walls!

Mushrooms can seemingly grow anywhere, given the right climate, so unsurprisingly in Genshin Impact, you can find these 'fun-guys' living peacefully on the walls of houses.

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Start scaling one of the walls of the many houses in the game and you'll no doubt come across some Philanemo Mushrooms!

But before you set off, there's a couple areas you'll want to check out if you're looking for a real bounty.


Best locations to find Philanemo Mushrooms

Mondstadt is a good place to get started, as you'll often encounter some the mushrooms on walls near to the rooftops of the buildings.

Another great area to look is Springvale which is also promising for the item (the road west of which is VERY good to find wheat!)

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There is, of course, one more option...

Buy them!

The easiest way to grab yourself some Philanemo Mushrooms in Genshin Impact is to go and buy them!

You can find a floral merchant named Chloris, who'll be on a path opposite Mondstadt.

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Considering she sells some tricky to find plants, her rates are actually pretty good and saves you from spending your precious time hanging off rooftops.

For everything Genshin Impact, from the latest news all the way to our most recent guides, be sure to check back in with us!

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