Where to Find Apples in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Apples.
Credit: HoYoverse

Genshin Impact Apples.
Credit: HoYoverse

With the upcoming launch of Version 4.4, Genshin Impact is brimming with otherworldly wonders, yet the world of Teyvat and the real-world share commonalities, one of which is apples. These humble fruits are a handy resource in Genshin Impact, serving as a valuable resource for completing challenges and replenishing 300 health when consumed.

They are also ingredients for several recipes and help complete bundles for the Marvelous Merchandise Event.

Fortunately, Genshin Impact is teeming with apples, making them relatively easy to find. The following guide pinpoints the locations of apples and how to make use of them.

Genshin Impact Apple Locations

Genshin Impact Apple locations
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APPLES: Scattered around the map

Location #1: Stormbearer Mountains

The first location is Stormbearer mountains, the area most rich with apples in Genshin Impact.

genshin impact apple location stormbearer mountains
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STORM AHEAD: The first location is Stormbearer Mountains

Once at the teleportation spot, visit two apple tree locations. First, turn to the West and head over the path - here, you'll find three apples on a tree. Then, after walking towards the forest, you will find the second tree.

Location #2: Guili Plains

For the next apple tree, you'll need to teleport to Guili Plains (pictured below). Once teleported, head to your right, over the hill, and you'll see a wooden bridge.

genshin impact apple location guili plains 1
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PLAIN AND SIMPLE: For the final tree you'll need to head to Guili Plains

After you cross the bridge, you'll see an apple tree to your right. Once again, you'll find three apples on the ground and three on the tree.

Location #3: Altar in Qingce Village

Near the Western Teleport Waypoint of Qingce Village is a shrine with an altar. Climb the hill and find 5 Apples that you can pick here.

Location 3 Genshin Impact apples
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Somebody just forgot his Apples

Apples are scattered mostly around Mondstadt, with some encroaching into Liyue. They can also be randomly found in baskets, shelves, and crates at investigation points.

What to use Apples on in Genshin Impact

Besides restoring 300 HP, Apples are used as material for the following Meals:

  • Satisfying Salad - Increases all party members' CRIT Rate by 6 - 12% for 300s. (x2 Apples)
  • Der Weisheit Letzter Schluss - Increases all party members' CRIT Rate by 16% for 300s. (x2 Apples)
    • Mona's Signature Dish
  • Northern Apple Stew - Restores 30 - 34% of Max HP an additional 600 - 1,900 HP to the selected character. (x3 Apples)

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