How to find the Shrines of Depths in Genshin Impact

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As you travel the world of Teyvat in your playthroughs, you may come across shrines that are closed with a special barrier.

It can only be opened with a special key, and when done so it opens to an Exquisite Chest that is filled with rewards.

While the keys themselves are hard to get (some of them are earned by levelling the Statues of the Seven), this guide is all about the location of the Shrines within the currently available regions of the game.


This is made especially for newer players that have just begun their adventure, and would want to come back to the locations as soon as they earn the key to unlock it.

There are 20 shrines currently available, with ten found in Mondstadt and a further 10 in Liyue. Expect ten more for each new region implemented into the game in the future.

As some of the locations can be hard to get to, especially on lower levels or with a lower Stamina cap, it's worth bookmarking the locations so as to get back to them easily at a later time.

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+ 2 have plotted out all shine locations to help you out!

Mondstadt Shrines of Depths


Location #1: Stormbearer Mountains, northeast of the Teleport Waypoint. It's not that far from the Ameno Hypostasis, so use it as a landmark if you're going back here.

Location #2: West of Springvale's Teleport Waypoint. You might actually see it if you go on foot from Mondstadt to Springvale. It's on a small cliff so a short climb is necessary.

Location #3: Starsnatch Cliff, south of the beach at the beginning of the game. It's just under and below the side just below the tip of the cliff. Alternatively, you can teleport to the Midsummer Courtyard Domain instead and walk northwest along the side of the cliff.

Location #4: Windwail Highlands' Statue of the Seven near Dawn Winery. Go north towards the cliff, and glide down northeast. It should be in plain sight.

Location #5: Dadaupa Gorge's Teleport Waypoint, then go north. Alternately, you can teleport on and then climb over the Temple of the Lion, then go southeast for a shorter route.

Location #6: Windwail Highlands. You have three ways to go there: the longest route by going south from Windrise's Statue of the Seven, walking and climbing cliffs west of the Temple of the Lion, or after unlocking Dragonspine, going north and gliding between the valley.

Location #7: Dadaupa Gorge Teleport Waypoint, head southwest by jumping across the valley and climbing up the cliff. Be mindful about your stamina; if it's not enough, you'll have to take the long way around using the road that leads to the Dragonspine Mountain campsite.


Location #8: Brightcrown Canyon Teleport Waypoint, head north and glide down the cliff. The shrine should be in the horizon.

Location #9: Celica Garden, head south, then climb up two small cliffs (or one, depending on where you start). Be careful here; there's a Cryo Abyss Mage that might notice you in its range.

Location #10: Start at the Teleport Waypoint south of the Wolf of the North boss quest. Climb the mountain beside it (Stone Gate) and glide across the other side. Simply make your way southwest afterwards. There's also a longer route by starting at the west Wyrmrest Valley Teleport Waypoint, then making your way west, but the trek is more dangerous as the route is littered with Fatui Agents.

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Liyue Shrines of Depths


Location #1: Start on the Stone Gate Teleport Waypoint. Go west and climb up the cliff. Be mindful of your stamina as the cliff takes a while to climb. For a shorter climb, go southwest across the beach and use the cliffs there instead. The shrine is behind a lone house, with a path that leads towards the shrine.

Location #2: Start on to the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Domain in Wuwang Hill. Head west and climb the side of the mountain. Once you see a drop, glide down the side of the cliff until you see a hidden pond with a waterfall--the Shrine is within that pond.

Location #3: Teleport on the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain just northeast of Mount Aozang. Climb the domain and its cliff, then land onto the path within the valley. If you see frog statues, follow the path and it will lead to the Shrine.

Location #4: On the Teleport Waypoint on Mount Aozang, you can glide west towards the Shrine. You can also opt to climb the mountain behind the riverside Teleport Waypoint as well.

Location #5: The Bishui Plane Teleport Waypoint, go to the southern edge of the island. Conversely, use the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain and follow the path on the east. Then, glide down towards the island where the Shrine is.

Location #6: Start on the Nantianmen Waypoint near a river. Climb the northeastern side, but be careful as there is a Geovishap en route. As an alternate path, you can teleport onto the mountain peak southwest of Juyeun Karst, and then glide westward.

Location #7: Begin on the Waypoint northernmost of Mingyun Village. Head northeast nearing the Dragonspine area, and the Shrine is in the middle of the pond.


Location #8: Start by teleporting onto the Domain of Guyun then head south. The Shrine is on the southernmost island of Guyun Stone Forest. Either you bring a Cryo character like Kaeya or Chongyun to bridge your way there, or go for the long haul and stock up on stamina food by swimming towards the island.

Location #9: Teleport onto the Waypoint on top of a mountain between Lingju Pass and Mt. Tianheng. Glide down southwards, until you see a river. Drop there, and head north inside the cavern, where the Shrine is hidden deep within.

Location #10: Teleport onto the Waypoint south of Tianqiu Valley. Climb the cliff up to the top area in the east, then glide down to see the Shrine being patrolled by three Geovishap Hatchlings.

We'll be sure to update this guide as more shines are added to the game with new regions.