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Genshin Impact Wanderer (Scaramouche) Build Guide: Best weapons, artifacts & team comps

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genshin imapct image of scaramouche also known as wanderer

Wanderer (Scaramouche) has been around for a while in Genshin Impact. Yet, he remains one of the most powerful main DPS units in the game. The first to embark on the "bad guy turned good" narrative, Wanderer is a popular pick in the current meta, even though his play style differs from the Dendro teams that are dominating the game.

He will receive a banner rerun in Phase 2 of the current Genshin Impact Version 3.8. Therefore we have prepared a build guide with artifacts and weapons that are giving the best results so that you can exploit the true potential of Scaramouche, aka the Wanderer.

Who is Wanderer (Scaramouche)?

Scaramouche, now known as Wanderer, is a former Fatui Harbinger. The Electro Archon created him as a test subject able to carry a Gnosis.

Scaramouche's Trailer in genshin impact
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Scaramouche have the most trouble background in Genshin Impact so far.

Ei (The Electro Archon) had wished to use her initial puppet prototype as a vessel for her gnosis, prior to the creation of her current vessel, Raiden Shogun. This first puppet would later become known as Scaramouche, although he remained nameless during that time. When he gained consciousness, the unnamed puppet shed tears, leading Ei to believe that he was too gentle in nature to fulfil such a task.

After being 'cast aside' by his maker and enduring a series of orchestrated traumatic events (unveiled later as the work of Dottore), Scaramouche grew embittered towards both gods and humanity. Assuming the alias "Kunikuzushi," he roamed the lands of Inazuma before eventually joining the ranks of the Fatui Harbingers. He actively engaged in numerous destabilising operations, including the instigation of a civil war in Inazuma.

He becomes a major antagonist in Sumeru during Chapter III of the Sumeru Archon Quest, emerging as the climactic boss battle in the form of Shouki no Kami, an artificial god. However, after his defeat, he falls into a comatose state and is hidden away by Lesser Lord Kusanali, Nahida.

'The Balladeer' now goes by the name Wanderer and has sworn revenge against those who had wronged him.


  • Elemental Skill allows him to float mid-air, avoiding melee enemies and increasing the range of Scaramouche Attacks
  • Like the Raiden Shogun, his Normal Attacks have a wide range and can hit multiple enemies simultaneously
  • Scaramouche has two independent stamina bars, one when he is levitating and one when he is on the ground


  • Scaramouche has a very low DMG. His full potential relies on effective buffs and Elemental reactions
  • He doesn't have a solid resistance to interruption. Therefore, he needs a shield or a dedicated healer

Best weapons for Wanderer (Scaramouche)

The best weapon for Wanderer is the 5-star catalyst Tulaytullah's Remembrance, his signature weapon, which increases the Crit. DMG. Players can obtain it in the first Genshin Impact 3.3 weapon banner.

Rarity Name Stat Ability
5-StarTulaytullah's RemembranceCrit. DMGNormal Attack SPD is increased by 20%. After the wielder unleashes an Elemental Skill, Normal Attack DMG will increase by 9.6% every second for 14s. After this character hits an opponent with a Normal Attack during this duration, Normal Attack DMG will be increased by 19.2%. This increase can be triggered once every 0.3s. The maximum Normal Attack DMG increase per single duration of the overall effect is 96%. The effect will be removed when the wielder leaves the field, and using the Elemental Skill again will reset all DMG buffs.
4-StarDodoco TalesATKNormal Attack hits on opponents increase Charged Attack DMG by 16% for 6s. Charged Attack hits on opponents increase ATK by 8% for 6
 Genshin Impact's Signature Weapon for Scaramouche
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Credit: Genshin Main
Tullaytullah's Remembrance: Genshin Impact's Signature Weapon for Scaramouche

Kagura's Verity

  • An excellent alternative would be Kagura's Verity, the signature Catalyst for Yae Miko, which will be featured in the upcoming weapon banner
  • The weapon has similar stats to the Signature Weapon for Scaramouche, with a passive focus on Elemental Skills

Skyward Atlas

  • A F2P is the standard banner 5-star Catalyst Skyward Atlas, a straightforward weapon that increases the overall damage output

Memory of Dust

Perceived for many as a weak 5-star, the Catalyst Memory of Dust seems very viable for Wanderer, considering he will require a shield most of the time. In addition, the weapon will boost his ATK.

Other 5-star weapons like Lost Prayer to the Scared Winds & Skyward Atlas will work very well. Finally, the Widsith is an excellent 4-star option in teams with many elemental reactions.

Dodoco Tales

The best F2P option that will work with most teams is the 4-star Dodoco Tales. Unfortunately, not all players have this weapon. It was given on the first visit to the Golden Apple Archipelago.

If that is your case, the Blackcliff Agate 4-star weapon available in Paimon Shop is also a solid option.

Best artifacts for Wanderer (Scaramouche)

Genshin Impact 3.3 introduced the City of Gold Domain of Blessing with two new artifact sets. One is the Desert Pavilion Chronicle, which looks like it was tailor-made for Wanderer.

Build Artifacts Artifact Bonuses Main Stats
Main DPSDesert Pavilion Chronicle4-Piece: When Charged Attacks hit opponents, the equipping character's Normal Attack speed will increase by 10% while Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack DMG will increase by 40% for 15sSands: ATK% - Goblet: Anemo DMG Bonus - Circlet: CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate
Swirl DPSViridescent Venerer 4-Piece: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.Sands: ATK% or Elemental Mastery - Goblet: Anemo DMG Bonus - Circlet: CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate
Desert Pavilion Chronicle in Genshin Impact 3.3
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Credit: Genshin Fandom
Flower of the new Genshin Impact 3.3 Artifact Set, Desert Pavilion Chronicle

Desert Pavilion Chronicle

The Desert Pavilion Chronicle is the best Artifact Set for hyper-carry teams; we recommend including an Anemo character with Viridescent Vener Artifacts.

This set is focused on increasing the damage capabilities of the Anemo Character with the following stats and passive:

  • Two Pieces: Anemo DMG Bonus +15%
  • Four Pieces: When Charged Attacks hit opponents, the equipping character's Normal Attack SPD will increase by 10%, while Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack DMG will increase by 40% for 15s

While we farm pieces from this set, Wanderer can use Shimenawa's Reminiscence or Echoes of Offering sets, but we don't recommend investing many resources in these sets. Instead, use pieces you already have.

The Artifact's Stats Recommended for Wanderer:

Sands: Elemental Mastery - Goblet: Anemo DMG - Circlet: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG. Energy Recharge and ATK are good as substats.

Viridescent Venerer

In teams with strong outfield Sub-DPS characters, we recommend using four pieces of Viridescent Venerer instead of the new Artifact set to take advantage of the Resistance reduction to Anemo DMG.

Scaramouche Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact new character levitating.

Retracing Bolide

The niche Retracing Bolide set is viable if you follow the recommendation to provide Scaramouche with a permanent shield during battle.

Also, your artifacts have a few sub stats. Even though they are not that important, there are still a few preferred options. Here are the secondary stats that we recommend for Wanderer:

  • Energy Recharge (you should get at least 120%)
  • ATK%
  • Elemental Mastery
  • CRIT Rate

Best teams for Wanderer (Scaramouche)

Wanderer (Scaramouche) is a straightforward DPS. However, he required a lot of time on the field and has no Support capabilities. Therefore, the best teams will be built around his abilities.

There are two ways to build a team. One is adding supports that buff and protect Scaramouche, and the other is along units that produce many Elemental Reactions.

Hypercarry Team

The best partner for Wanderer is Bennett, who will buff his ATK and heal while he is in the air. The other two spots are flexible.

Role Character Element
Main DPSWanderer (Scaramouche)Anemo
Sub DPSBennettPyro
Elemental ReactionKujou Sara, Venti, Faruzan*Anemo
SupportZhongli, Yun JinGeo

*Faruzan, the new 4-star Anemo character, will be a great companion for Wanderer. However, she is not viable without a high Constellation (4-6).

Teaser Teams

These teams have been buffed with the new Dendro Reactions, and so far, they were working well with Sucrose as DPS, but Scaramouche would do a better job.

Just make sure to have support characters with shields or healing.

Role Character Element
Main DPSWanderer (Scaramouche)Anemo
Sub DPSXingqiuHydro
Elemental ReactionDendro Traveler, NahidaDendro
SupportBeidou, Kuki ShinobuElectro

Wanderer (Scaramouche) talent priorities

Wanderer's kit is pretty straightforward with simple abilities. On the other hand, his damage potential relies quite heavily on the interaction with support characters in his team.

First Priority Normal Attacks

Wanderer's Elemental Skill has a twist. While flying, his attacks will count like Normal and Charged Attacks. Therefore players should focus on levelling up their Normal attacks first.

Second Priority - Elemental Skill

Then level up the Elemental Skill to receive the benefits of the reactions with other elements.

Last Priority - Elemental Burst

Unfortunately, Wanderer's Elemental Burst interrupts his Flying. Therefore is the last priority, as it is not necessary to use it in every rotation. But the damage is substantial, so level up his burst eventually.

Need help farming for Wanderer (Scaramouche)'s ascension and talent materials? Check out our guide here: Wanderer (Scaramouche) Farming Guide: All Ascension & Talent Materials

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