Genshin Impact Seirai Island Pictures - Reminiscence of Seirai

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Genshin Impact's Reminiscence of Seirai is a quest introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1 that has players trekking across Seirai Island in order to recreate four photos given to them.

Unfortunately, the quest does not give players anything else to go by, leaving them to find the locations themselves.


Genshin Impact Seirai Island Pictures

Officially, Genshin Impact labels the quest as “Go to Seirai Island and Take Pictures,” a quest given to players by Furuya Noboru.

Noboru will give players a picture to recreate.

After that, Oda Tarou will give players three more photos to recreate.


There is no particular order in which players have to take the pictures, as long as they get all four.

Seirai Island Picture Locations

Genshin Impact Seirai Island Pictures
PHOTOS: All four locations

Here are the locations where players need to take photos to complete the Reminiscence of Seirai quest:

  • On rocks sticking out of the water west of the Seiraimaru wreckage
  • At the teleport waypoint, northeast of Koseki Village
  • Southwest of Koseki Village across a wooden bridge
  • On the northern edge of the crater at the center of the island

Once finding each location it should be easy to look at the reference photos to figure out the best angle to take each shot.

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