Mysterious Voyage Genshin Impact Web Event

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miHoYo has launched another Genshin Impact web event, hot on the heels of their previous event.

Mysterious Voyage finds the Traveler and Paimon on a boat, navigating the seas in search of adventure.

How did they get there?

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Even they do not know.


Mysterious Voyage Dates

The Mysterious Voyage web event will run from July 13, 2021, until July 20, 2021.

Genshin Impact players must be at least Adventure Rank 10 to participate and earn rewards.

Mysterious Voyage Details

Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage map
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MAP: The event's map tracks your progress

The Mysterious Voyage web event is unlike any other web event Genshin Impact has seen so far.


Unlike many events, which basically involve sharing some Genshin advertising to click more options in the event until it is complete, Mysterious Voyage plays like a Choose Your Own Adventure story.

There are even a few rhythm action sequences where players must click circles on the screen along with dramatic music.

The sea contains 40 different areas to discover and explore, each with different path choices for players to take.

Some choices will force players into an action sequence described above, the number of successful notes hit determining the outcome of the scenario.

Other choices will instantly end a player's adventure, forcing them to start from the beginning or choosing a starting point they have already visited from the map.

Mysterious Voyage gives players a certain amount of exploration energy every day, with more earnable by sharing links.

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Mysterious Voyage Rewards

Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage rewards
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REWARDS: Earn rewards by unlocking more areas

Mysterious Voyage presents players with rewards for completing various different tasks.

As players explore the sea, they will be rewarded with 15,000 Mora for every new piece of information discovered.


After unlocking 8/15/25/35 areas there is a reward of 60 Primogems and either Hero's Wit or Mystic Enchantment Ore.

Upon completion of the event, players will earn recipies for Sakura Mochi and Tricolor Dango.

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