Genshin Impact Marionette Core: Where to Find Them and What They Do

Genshin Impact 1.6 introduced the Maguu Kenki to the game, then dissapeared once Genshin Impact 2.0 released.

Thankfully the Maguu Kenki is now on Inazuma, and drops a few different items.

One of these new materials is the Marionette Core.

Where can players find Marionette Cores, and what good are they?

Genshin Impact Marionette Cores

Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki
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SAMURAI: Genshin Impact's latest boss is the Maguu Kenki

Once players leave Ritou Island in Inazuma, they will be able to challenge the Maguu Kenki boss.

A construct seemingly of Inazuman origin, this new boss provides a tricky melee battle, blocking many ranged attacks with its Mask Parry.

Once the Maguu Kenki is defeated, players can spend resin to earn rewards, just like any other boss in the game.

One of these rewards is Marionette Cores.

As of right now, defeating the Maguu Kenki is the only way to obtain Marionette Cores.

Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki location
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Those looking to battle the Maguu Kenki in order to collect Marionette Cores can find the boss just south of Serpent's Head in Inazuma.

Look for a sandy arena in a valley.

The Maguu Kenki is very easy to spot.

What Are Marionette Cores Good For?

Genshin Impact Marionette Core
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CORE: What do they do?

So what can Genshin Impact players use Marionette Cores for?

Currently they are used as Character Ascension Materials for Kazuha and Sayu.

Other than that, there are no other uses in crafting or cooking.

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