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Genshin Impact

24 Nov 2020

Genshin Impact: Lotus Head Locations - Map, How to Farm & more

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Lotus Head

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Lotus Head Locations

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Playstation 5

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Nintendo Switch Port

Whether it's for crafting, cooking or collecting, searching for a particular item can be rather time-consuming.

If like many others you're searching for Lotus Head, then fear not as we have you covered.

Keep reading for Lotus Head locations in Genshin Impact.

Lotus Head

An aquatic plant native to Liyue that grows and blooms in pairs.

One is fragrant, and the other bitter. It's said to make a good herbal medicine.

lotus head genshin impact 1
DOUBLE TROUBLE: Lotus head blooms in pairs

They can be used to create the following recipes:

  • Desiccant Potion
  • Streaming Essential Oil
  • Jade Parcels
  • Jewelry Soup
  • Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup
  • Qingce Stir Fry

Lotus Head Locations

Lotus Heads are primarily found near pools of water in the Liyue region.

However, there are several locations that Lotus Head can be found, including Qingce Village, the water west of the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula, the pond leading to Yujing Terrace at Liyue Harbor, and Nantianmen's river leading to Huaguang Stone Forest.

lotus head locations map

Check out the map above for each location, sourced from Gamer Tweak.

Playstation 5

Players are now able to download and jump into Genshin Impact on their brand new system.

genshin impact coming to ps5
NEXT-GEN: Genshin Impact will be playable on the Playstation 5 on day 1.

The game will run via backwards compatibility with the PS4 version of the game, as opposed to a fresh PS5 build.

miHoYo confirmed that the PS5 version offers better graphics and faster loading times.

Nintendo Switch Port

It is expected that the game will be released on the Nintendo Switch.

The port was originally slated for the end of September when the game left beta.

nintendo switch
BOTW CLONE ON SWITCH?: Genshin Impact has been announced for the system, but no release date has been given.

Unfortunately that didn't happen and it is still missing from the hybrid system.

At some point it should be announced, hopefully with the 1.1 update.

Genshin Impact is still missing from the Xbox One/Series X though, and it seems like it may not be coming to the platform, much to fans disappointments.