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Genshin Impact Lost Valley Domain - How to unlock it

Genshin Impact 2.6 has finally arrived and that comes with new gear, puzzles and so much more. The game will only continue to expand with time. If you're looking to upgrade your build or just find every single item you can, it's figuring out the Genshin Impact Lost Valley Domain. Here's how you solve that puzzle.

Genshin Impact Lost Valley Domain

The Genshin Impact Lost Valley Domain will get you some nice new goodies for your character and the esoteric nature of the puzzle suggests it's worth finding. Luckily, we think it is.

If you're not currently in the game, you can have a look at the entire Genshin Impact through this interactive map. Unfortunately, it hasn't added all the new things just yet so we've pointed out where you have to go below

Genshin Impact Lost Valley Domain
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In Fuao Vale, you will find a rock marked with the Geo symbol in the area above. You have to place a Geo Meteorite in three places to unlock this area. They are:

  • Next to the small patch of white flowers in front of the rock
  • Next to the patch of white flowers near the pressure plate
  • On top of the big mineral rock behind it.

You will know you've done it right when the ground starts pulsing with a yellow mark. This will then trigger a very small cutscene, opening up the Lost Valley Domain

As of right now, this is not the only way that people say will open the barrier but this definitely works. There's a chance something more simplistic will come out. Genshin Impact is a game that changes a lot and it has so much to explore and figure out. It's not unheard of to put out two puzzle solutions. If this happens, we will update you right here.

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