24 Feb 2021 10:11 AM +00:00

Ley Line Overflow officially announced for Genshin Impact

The festivities seem to have affected the peculiar hotspots across Teyvat, and it's going to reward the players with double the goodies.

Double Drops

It was teased in the All That Glitters Patch Preview weeks ago about Ley Lines seemingly being more energized than normal, and rewards reaped from it will be increased.

This is all but confirmed now as it was announced that there will be a special Ley Line Overflow period that can be claimed three times a day.

During this event period, rewards dropped from either the Blossom of Wealth (which drops Mora) or Blossom of Revelation (which drops Character EXP materials) will be doubled.

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It is effectively a Condensed Resin at the regular cost of a usual Ley Line's price of 20 Original Resin.


A detail players were attentive about was the end date of the special bonus being on March 5; three days after the speculated date of Hu Tao's datamined release on March 2.

Perhaps this is the developers' way of nudging the players to take advantage of double drops, especially when for those who want to have enough in leveling the advisor of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

Players' Reception

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Shortly after posting, players have already begun clamouring for this special offer to be implemented as a recurring feature on an occasional basis.


Their suggestion is to have this kind of effect be implemented as a Quality of Life improvement, happening at least once a month for players to take advantage of.

There were some that said this was a perfect time to farm Character EXP or Mora after being low on resources.

Their reasons were that Ganyu just came out, and the Stand By Me event gifts players a character of their choosing.

Even before the Ley Line Overflow event launches, players have already received this positively. However, there are some that felt otherwise.

There are others that were disappointed about limiting the double drop bonus to three times a week, wanting the double rewards to happen in every Ley Line.

Others were wanting the double drop system to work on Condensed Resin as well, suggestively giving four times the rewards.

The special double drop event starts on February 26th, 4:00 am UTC+8 on the Asia Server, and 4:00 AM CEST (or 3:00 AM GMT) in the European Server.