Genshin Impact Klee Banner: Next in-game banner is here!

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Having the right team of characters is crucial in Genshin Impact, the new action RPG that is taking over gaming.

The wishing system helps players collect the always-helpful five-star characters that deal significant damage.

Now a new banner is coming that you can wish on for a fresh character!

Genshin Impact Klee banner

The limited time Venti banner is going to be replaced with a Klee banner!

Who is Klee I hear you ask?

genshin impact klee 1
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DESEPTIVELY DANGEROUS: Klee doesn't mess around in combat!

Klee is an amazingly destructive force with pyro elemental powers that deals serious damage.

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Remember, to get Klee you need to wish on the banner with the acquired Acquaint fate.

Here's the skills of Klee:

Elementary skill

Klee has Jumpy Dumpty as an elementary skill. This sends a robot that explodes after three bounces, creating area pyro damage as well as mines that explode on contact with the enemy.

Burst skill

Klee's burst skill is Sparks 'n' Splash. this summons a robot that shoots missiles at enemies! Remember though, by changing character the burst effect disappears.

Genshin Impact builds

Not sure where to start with Genshin Impact? You aren't alone.

One of the keys is getting your character build right.

genshin impact smash hit game
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AMAZING: Genshin Impact is a visually stunning game

With only four playable characters at the start it's important to get the most out of them.

How to download

Genshin Impact is free to play! You can download it for PS4 from the PS Store, and it is also available on Windows PC via the official website.


It can also be played on mobile! Both Android and iOS support Genshin Impact, so you can play it on the go at any time!

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