Genshin Impact Kaboomball Kombat Event Details

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A new game has appeared on the Golden Apple Archipelago for the Midsummer Island Adventure!

Ball launching Dodofortresses have appeared throughout the islands allowing Genshin Impact players to challenge them to obtain prizes.

Use the Dodoguard to reflect Kaboomballs and defeat the Dodofortresses!


Kaboomball Kombat Release Date

Kaboomball Kombat will arrive in Genshin Impact on July 02, 2021, at 10:00 a.m Server Time and will run until July 12, 2021, at 3:59 a.m. Server Time.

Table of Contents

Players must be at least Adventure Rank 21 to participate in the games.

Kaboomball Kombat Details

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KABOOM: Knock Kaboomballs back at Dodofortresses

During the Kaboomball Kombat event, players can challenge different Dodofortresses found around the Golden Apple Archipelago.


The Dodofortresses launch Kaboomballs, which players can deflect back at them using a Dodoguard, similar to the Dodoking Paintings in the Wind-Blessed Harpastum Challenges.

Three different challenges stages unlock on days 1, 3, and 5 of the event, each offering players Enigma Gears upon completion.

Enigma Gears can be spent in the Event Store for various rewards.

During each challenge, Dodofortresses launch different types of Kaboomballs with different effects.

Shazamfruits will also appear on the court, offering players buffs for the current match.

Kaboomball Types

  • Foggy-Groggy Ball - A dirty Kaboomball. If you are hit and cannot return it, it will create a dust cloud that obstructs vision!
  • Super-Simple Ball - An ordinary Kaboomball. Use it to assault the Dodofortresses!
  • Chilly-Frilly Ball - A cold Kaboomball. If you are hit and cannot return it, characters will be affected by Cryo, and their movements will be slowed!
  • Breezy-Burny Ball - A Kaboomball of great power. Reflect it toward Dodofortresses to deal greater DMG!
  • Matter-Chatter Ball - An intriguing Kaboomball…? After a successful return shot, the Dodofortress will fire 3 Kaboomballs in quick succession!
  • Twisty-Turny Ball - A real stunner of a ball that even pros find hard to throw. It boasts a highly unpredictable flight trajectory!


  • Zoom-Fwoom Fruit - Picking this up increases character Movement SPD for a short duration!
  • Fury Fruit - Picking this up increases Fury or extends the duration of the Dodofortress's Fury Faze!
  • Ping Pong Fruit - After picking this up, Dodoguards will automatically return Kaboomballs for a short duration!

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Kaboomball Kombat Prizes

Celebration: Kaboomball Namecard
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SOURCE: Honey Hunter World

There are five different objective challenges to complete during Kaboomball Kombat with the following rewards:

  • Complete "Incoming Kaboomballs!" 2 times - 20 Primogems, 100 Enigma Gears
  • Get a high score of 1,600 points in "Incoming Kaboomballs!" - 20 Primogems, 100 Enigma Gears
  • Get a high score of 2,100 points in "Incoming Kaboomballs!" - 20 Primogems, 150 Enigma Gears
  • Defeat 15 Dodofortresses in total - 200 Enigma Gears
  • Accumulate 80 Perfect Returns in this stage - ??? Enigma Gears

Along with the above rewards, Genshin Impact's Kaboomball Kombat will also have an Event Shop with the following:

  • 60 Primogems - 200 Enigma Gears (Stock: 4)
  • Celebration: Kaboomball Namecard - 1,500 Enigma Gears (Stock: 1)
  • Guide to Freedom - 50 Enigma Gears (Stock: 4)
  • Guide to Resistance - 50 Enigma Gears (Stock: 4)
  • Guide to Ballad - 50 Enigma Gears (Stock: 4)
  • Guide to Prosperity - 50 Enigma Gears (Stock: 4)
  • Guilde to Diligence - 50 Enigma Gears (Stock: 4)
  • Guide to Gold- 50 Enigma Gears (Stock: 4)
  • Mora - ? Enigma Gears (Stock: ?)

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