Genshin Impact 2.1 Leaks Include Namecards, Achievements, Fishing & more

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The leaks for Genshin Impact 2.1 continue dripping. We have at least a couple of weeks ahead playing the current patch, nonetheless developers and data miners have been quite busy presenting news and upcoming features.

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With every new character and quest we always look forward for the art and design of namecards, a great way to personalize your profile. Here are the details for this type of rewards you can get from Inazuma.

Inazuma Namecards

Inazuma Sangonomiya Crest

This is the name card of the Rebellion. The background is the emblem of the Sangonomiya's Clan (Yes, as Sangonomiya Kokomi). This clan are the leaders of the Watatsumi's people, the beacon of the rebellion.


Achievement: Nails

Fishing is coming to Genshin Impact, and you will have a way to show off your skills with your friends. This will be the the namecard once you complete the fishing guide.


Sayu: Muji-Muji Daruma

This is the namecard for getting LvL 10 of friendship with Sayu. It has a cute Daruma Ball as its background, her companion and weapon. The name of this cute friend is Luoluo.


Yoimiya: Auratus Spark

Since it could be nothing else - the namecard for reaching Lvl 10 of friendship with Yoimiya is fireworks themed.


Kamisato Ayaka: Folding Fan

Ayaka is super powerful so it is not a big surprise the amount of people spending their Prymogens to unlock this character. This is the namecard they will get once they reached the Lvl 10 of friendship with the eldest of the Kamisato Clan.


Inazuma: Raiden Emblem

For those who are taking the exploration of these electrified islands very seriously, you will get this very beautiful namecard once you hit Reputation 7 in Inazuma.


Fishing Details Leaked

Genshin Impact 2.1

With so much new content, it seems hard to catch up, but Genshin Impact is looking very good with its new updates. They bring so many new things to explore, achieve with great cinematics, beautiful design - so don't get too overwhelmed to enjoy it all!