Genshin Impact: How To Fix Slow Download Speed For 1.1 Update

The Genshin Impact 1.1 Update landed 12 hours earlier than expected, bringing new characters, quests, events, and more to the game.

For the full patch notes and to found out everything about the latest update, check out our 1.1 update guide here.

Slow Download Speeds

As players have been scrambling to download the Genshin Impact 1.1 update, after miHoYo released in 12 hours early, many have noticed that their download speed is incredibly slow.

MiHoYo will be releasing the 1.2 update just before Christmas and the 1.3 update in February 2021.

Players have took to the internet to complain about the prospect of having to download fairly regular updates at a snails pace.

The issue is likely caused by the influx of players trying to download the update at the same time.

But, if you are experiencing a slow download speed, here is your guide on how to fix it.

How To Download The 1.1 Update

PC users can download the update by opening the Genshin Impact launcher on their computer.

A box will appear with a prompt to start the update, just click the update button and it will begin.

Genshin Impact Update Download Screen
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UPDATE: Upon opening the launcher users will be prompted to update to the 1.1 patch.

For PS4 users simply highlight the Genshin Impact game on the home screen, press Options button and click Check For Updates, then the download should start.

Mobile users can download Genshin Impact through either the App or Play Store, depending on whether users are on iOS or Android.

The update can be downloaded directly through the store by either searching for the app and then clicking Update, or finding it in your list of apps and clicking the Update button.

How To Fix Slow Download Speeds

If you are getting slow download speeds when downloading the update, following these steps should work.

  • Pause the download of version 1.1
  • Close the Genshin Impact launcher
  • Re-open the launcher
  • Continue the download

For some reason it seems to work and allows players to download the update at their regular download speed.

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