Genshin Impact Adjusts Prices for UK and Euro Regions

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miHoYo just made a Genshin Impact pricing adjustment for several regions, bringing Genesis Crystals more in line with other regions.

This change will give players some significant savings, as they were paying more for Genesis Crystals than players in other regions were.

Genesis Crystal Pricing

The price adjustments come to the UK, South Africa, Tajikistan, Georgia, and many Euro-using countries.

The changes are currently in effect but may not show up in the actual in-game UI for a bit.

"There may be a delay in the price display in the in-game shop. Please refer to the actual price paid."

These changes represent significant savings for some players, who were paying as much as a 40% markup compared to the U.S.

These changes come when other games and platforms are bringing their prices more in line with a global standard, making it seem like economic and regulatory changes across the board in these regions are driving these actions.

What Are Genesis Crystals Used for in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals
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While many players are familiar with Primogems, currently used for Wishing and Resin regeneration, they are not actually a paid currency in Genshin Impact.


Genesis Crystals drive the Genshin Impact economy and are used to buy Primogems and items from the Gift Shop.

Genesis Crystals can be converted into Primogems at a 1:1 ratio.

They are also used to purchase:

  • Character Skins: 1680 GC
  • Adventurer's Supply Bundle: 160 GC
  • Adventurer's Instructional Bundle: 760 GC
  • Adventurer's Jumbo Ore Bundle: 760 GC
  • Starter Supply Bundle: 300 GC
  • Wayfarer's Supply Bundle: 980 GC
  • Adventurer's Share Bundle: 60 GC
Genshin Impact Gift Shop
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Genesis Crystals can be purchase in the in-game store, or from third-party services such as CodaShop.


Up until these prices changes, CodaShop was a great way for Genshin Impact players in more expensive regions to get Genesis Crystals at a better price.

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