Genshin Impact Fish Respawn Times Explained

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One of the main new features added as part of Genshin Impact's 2.1 update is fishing, which allows you to collect materials and items for various uses. However, some of the details, including the fish respawn times, are quite vague. We've got everything you need to know about just that.

Fishing Basics

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the spawn times, let's go over the basics of fishing in Genshin Impact first.

genshin impact, fish respawn times

First of all, you'll needed to have done each of the following tasks to get the ability to start fishing.

  • Adventure Rank 35 or higher
  • Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III "A New Star Approaches"
  • Unlock Serenitea Pot Realm (quest "A Teapot to Call Home")
  • Complete Exploding Population

Then, visit Nantuck, who will give you your first fishing rod and bait. He will also introduce the mechanics for fishing.

We've also got a guide on all of the fish spawn locations on Genshin Impact's map, so check that out to get to them quickly.


Fish Respawn Times in Genshin Impact

The first thing to note is that Genshin Impact features a different sets of fish that spawn during daytime hours and nighttime hours.

Therefore, while some might take a while to spawn, you'll still have the other set to catch when it goes dark or gets light once more.

The fish respawn times in Genshin Impact are set at 72 in-game hours. Therefore, if you catch all of the daytime fish, you'll have to wait another three days for them to appear once more.


They're separate to the nighttime ones, which will spawn at their own 72 hour rate as well.

genshin impact, fish respawn times

Rod Types

There are also four different rods in Genshin Impact, some of which will make catching certain fish easier. They are:

  • Windtangler - 4 stars Fishing rod (Mondstadt)
  • Narukawa Ukai - 4 stars Fishing rod. (Inazuma)gen
  • Wishmaker - 4 stars fishing rod. (Liyue)
  • Moonstringer - Obtained as reward from the Lunar Realm event

If any new fishing features are added or the spawn times turn out to be different for individual fish, we'll be sure to let you know.