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How to farm Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Dandelion Flowers hold important significance and symbolism to citizens of Teyvet, and is said to carry the thoughts and feelings of a person that blows its seeds into a gentle breeze.

It's also a part of their excellent wine industry, using the same seeds harvested from the flower to brew their world-famous Dandelion Wine.

In-game, Dandelion Seeds are a Local Specialty that is exclusive to the region of Mondstadt. They sway and glide with the wind, thus they can only be collected after using Anemo energy at a Dandelion flower.


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Ways to harvest the seeds include Venti's charged attack, Sucrose's normal attacks, and all Anemo characters' abilities, so a general rule is to bring along an Anemo character when looking to farm the material.

They can be used as material for the following craft items:

  • Gushing Essential Oil, which increases Anemo damage (Seed x 1)
  • Windbarrier Potion, which increases Anemo RES(Seed x 1)
  • Anemoculus Resonance Stone, which helps you find unclaimed Anemoculi around the region (Seed x 5)

Dandelion Seeds are also the primary material to ascend the 5-star Anemo character, Jean. She needs a total of 188 seeds to besides other materials to reach her max ascension.

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As of writing, they are not part of any weapon enhancement recipe.

In some quests and commissions, Dandelion Seeds are needed to progress or complete the task. In the off chance that you have to find some quick, here's a quick map taken from a fan-supported interactive map:

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The easiest place to look for Dandelion Seeds would be the front gates of Mondstadt City, just by the riverside.

However, the best place to look at would be on Stone Gate, on top of the mountain serving as a border between Mondstadt and Liyue.

The route may be long and tedious, and there are a couple of enemies that can catch you off-guard, but the materials gained there will be worth it.