Genshin Impact: How To Fix Error 4206

The curse of online games is their susceptibility to server and connection issues. Genshin Impact, for all it's promise, isn't immune to these issues.

A common error players can encounter is Error 4206. We'll talk you through what the error is and how you can get around it.

What Is Error 4206?

In Genshin Impact, if you encounter Error 4206, this means you are having trouble connecting to the online servers. This is likely something that's relatively simple to fix, but there may be multiple problems causing the error.

While not on the scale of the issues which plagued, say, Diablo 3 at launch, players in great numbers have reported encountering Error 4206 is Genshin Impact a few times. For some the issue can be fixed in 30 seconds, for others its a much more stressful ordeal.

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How To Fix Error 4206 In Genshin Impact

We're going to take you through a few of the quick fixes for getting past Error 4206. It may be that it takes more than one of these actions to fix it completely, but many users report success when following these actions.

Restart Genshin Impact: First is the most simple action, and one you may have already tried. Shut the game down entirely, making sure no processes are left running in task manager if playing on PC. Once the game is not running in any way, restart the game and see if the error is fixed.

Change Your Region: It's common to not be playing on the right server, some players even prefer to not play on home servers for one reason or another, but always make sure you're playing on the best server available for your region as this is where the game connection will be most stable.

Try a VPN/Change Your VPN: If the problem persists, you can use a VPN to alter your connection and attempt to circumvent Error 4206 this way. If already using a VPN, change your connection location or refresh your connection to see if that provides a solution.

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Check For Updates: More often than not, games keep themselves up to date and don't require manual updates. If an update has dropped recently, it may be that your game hasn't updated in this time and you may need to double check and apply the latest patch.

Pause/Stop Any Downloads: If you have any downloads on the go, or are using up bandwidth by streaming music or video at the same time as trying to access Genshin Impact, put these on pause or stop them entirely. This should free up your connection for Genshin to connect to servers a lot cleaner.

Finally, Consult The Community: Failing all of the above having an impact (no pun intended), check with community forums or social media to see if anyone has any unique solutions to the problem.

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